Markets for the pellets

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Markets for the pellets

Pellets – a versatile product that has a broad scope, ranging from litter and to a popular form of alternative source of fuel. This material is used not only in Russia but also in countries near and far abroad. In our country, these raw materials have been actively used for heating of various premises not so long ago, and abroad it has become a real tradition, which has tens of years. Therefore, it becomes clear that the production of pellets today is quite relevant idea for a business, and most importantly - profitable.
But another question arises: what are the markets for these products? Will I have to stay in their pellet business only on the sales in Russia or it is possible to produce this product for export?
The most favorable option is to sell pellets in large Central European countries: Sweden, Austria, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium. The structure of the European market of fuel pellets constitute the wholesale market, large boilers and power plants, boiler houses and municipal boiler plants of industrial enterprises, as well as private homeowners.
In Russia, the share of biomass in the energy balance of the country is about 3%-5%, while in Finland it is not less than 25%, in Sweden - at least 30%. Our country exports more than it uses this type of fuel. The demand for pellets in Europe is increasing annually by 30%. Market growth is due mainly to the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol, according to which the EU should reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So, the Swedish government increased the consumption of pellets to several million tons per year by 2010. The world market of fuel pellets has increased significantly. In 2012 there was double the increase of this market.
The largest consumer and producer of fuel pellets is Europe, and Canada is their largest exporter. Today the Russian producers of pellets took about 20% of this market. The thing is that most pellets are made from waste wood. Forest resources in Russia is more than enough.
Whether to buy the equipment for the production of pellets?
Now, if you decided to buy the equipment for the production of pellets, you will regret it, because our country is one of the main exporters of wood pellets in Belgium and Sweden. In addition, the demand on this source of fuel exceeds supply. You can today to correct this situation.
To help with this pellet equipment you can a real expert of the market of bioenergy production enterprise Dose of Grand. The company's specialists will select for you a complete line for the production of pellets, will give all the necessary recommendations, train your operating personnel work on acquired technology, will hold its installation and commissioning.
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