Problems and prospects of waste processing of lumbering

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Problems and prospects of waste processing of lumbering

In recent years, natural resources are increasingly being used in productive activities. In particular, the wood processing enterprises are still a lot of wood waste. As a result, there is an actual problem of utilization of this raw material. But here is the solution – processing of waste using specialized woodworking equipment.
Why is it necessary? Because you can just throw away or burn these wastes. And problems can be forgotten. It is not so simple. To throw wood and any other waste must be in designated areas (otherwise you will have to pay a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles) – in landfills, but there still need to drop off these wastes, i.e. have to spend on transportation costs. In order to burn raw wood will have to purchase expensive equipment – boilers that you can carry out this process. In short, some waste.
Just to solve these problems associated with unforeseen expenses, which was made by zero waste, i.e. recycling obtained during the production of waste. But why to recycle again, who needs them and why. First, wood waste can produce biotoplivo – pellets, fuel chips, which are subsequently used as alternative source of fuel for heating of various premises. In addition, recycled wood waste is used as manufacturing raw material, which is subsequently used for the production of cat litter. Actually applications of recycled waste enough.
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