Function of steam in pellet equipment

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Function of steam in pellet equipment

Today, pellet equipment is manufactured by many companies, including Chinese, European, American. In fact, the principle of operation of this equipment, regardless of manufacturer single. The efficiency of equipment from any company are about the same. The main difference is the type of matrix and the quality of consumables used, the materials from which they are made. The matrix cylindrical execution the feedstock is supplied forcibly, flat – free.
What areas make up the equipment for the production of pellets?
Equipment for pellet production includes: Automated or mechanized phase; primary crushing (hammer mill and pneumatic conveying system, equipped with rotary device); a drying section (bin, tumble dryer); the plot is secondary crushing (hammer crusher high grinding degree, fan, pneumatic conveying system, a gateway device, a storage hopper); the pelleting area.
It includes a pellet press equipped with a steam generator and mixer taps. When pelletizing the steam required for the steam temperature 130-1600S in a mixer granulator during compaction. Hot steam is needed for humidification, pre-heating of raw material and giving it plasticity for the technology of pelletizing. The use of this equipment is necessary for the manufacture of pellets from trudnoperevarivaema raw material (sawdust, husks, straw, peat, etc.) and raw material moisture less than 8%.

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