Processing we also diversify with a "Mall" – easy!

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Processing we also diversify with a "Mall" – easy!

A long time question processing we also diversify worried many forest enterprises are puzzled, where is more profitable to sell the raw material. The timber is tonkoslojnaja wood, which is waste wood, which is realized at a low price as a heating material. Thanks to the development of modern technology is done processing we also diversify one that produces high-quality lumber.
Today, there are several types of equipment, with which you can engage in the processing tonkosloinoi wood. Different companies offer their own solutions for this process. An expert in this area is a manufacturing enterprise Trading House Kotelnich Mechanical Plant. The company is regularly in search of new technologies, materials and tools for the production of high quality equipment for recycling we also diversify. The staff of the enterprise has a design Department, which deals with all these issues.
All the equipment produced under the trademark "Mall" before serial production passes the necessary tests and only then goes on sale. One of the best options processing we also diversify the use of specialized lines, which may include various equipment, which differ from each other technical characteristics. The best option would be to use the line, which has Brualdi machine SB-800 with capacity up to 120 m3/shift and multiple saw the CM-160 with capacity up to 8 m3/h. The use of these 2 machines in a pair helps to efficiently recycle any amount of wood materials.
The main positives associated with the use of a line for processing we also diversify, are as follows:
The material feed is performed by means of a chain system, which has unique characteristics.
The ability to adjust all of the equipment through the built-in system of regulation of speed of treatment of the product.
Easy replacement of worn parts. In addition, all consumables are always in stock manufacturing enterprise Trading House Kotelnich Mechanical Plant.
Machine SB-800 is equipped with a protection against the release of timber, this guarantees a higher safety to the workers.
Machine CM-160 is equipped with a mechanism to control the load on the motor of the machine. This contributes to the long life of the equipment.

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