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Dose-Grand will help you choose the pellet plant

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Dose-Grand will help you choose the pellet plant

Pellets is a popular product of modernity. Their scope is incredibly broad, ranging from the production of cat litter and to alternative fuel. Therefore, many companies and individuals acquire specialized equipment pellet line pelletizing. But how to choose the equipment that is suitable for use in your farm? Production company a Dose-Grand – expert in these matters will help you to choose the ideal model.
The selection of equipment for the production of pellets
Choosing the equipment for the production of pellets it is necessary to pay attention to the following parameters:
1. The design of the granulators. Many different types of equipment suited to perform radically different from each other task.
2. Matrix type:
Ring. Advantages: high performance, attractive appearance, high density (1-1,3%) pellets, rollers and die are of uniform wear. The main disadvantage is high power consumption.
Flat. Advantages: small size, simple design and operation. Disadvantage – expensive repairs.
3. The starting materials are subjected to granulation.
4. Technical characteristics of the equipment.
To help you choose the ideal pellet plant will be able professionals working in the company a Dose-Grand. They will be able to tell which model will be optimal for use specifically in your case. In addition, they will answer all your questions.
If you want to see the equipment you are going to acquire to work, no problem. You can visit the production site of the enterprise, to bring raw materials to be granulated and to try to redesign the equipment produced Dose-Gran. Thus, you will be able to clearly see the quality of manufactured equipment and product obtained at the output. Call: 8-800-200-24-66, (831) 432-6-500 leave the application to visit the production site of the company and independently verify that the equipment of the pellet production in a Dose-Gran just need to use in your farm.
In addition, the state organization has a professional installation crew that will produce for you installation, commissioning, full operation and maintenance of equipment. The company accompanies its clients throughout all stages of the transaction. Thus, customers can start working on the acquired technology immediately.
Source: "DOSE-GRAN"

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