Dose-Gran: pellets in Russia and abroad

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Dose-Gran: pellets in Russia and abroad

In the recent time rapidly gaining popularity of alternative fuels. One of them — pellets (fuel granules). This product is manufactured from wood waste using a specialized pellet equipment. The pellets were indispensable where mains gas connection is not possible or too expensive. In contrast to, for example, from wood or fuel briquettes they do not require a permanent human presence close to the boiler — its flowability allows you to adjust the fuel supply.
To date, wood pellets are recognized as the most ecologically pure kind of fuel. When burned, they emit the same amount of carbon as obtained by the natural rotting of wood. Besides, they have no unpleasant odor and is not explosive, unlike gas or fuel oil.
Despite the fact that pellets recently appeared on the Russian market, they have long used abroad (mid 20th century). They are used for heating and hot water supply of premises of various purposes. In Russia pellets are mainly used for heating private houses, but there are already plans and industrial applications.
Pellets were invented by Dutch entrepreneur who had his sawmill, he didn't know what to do with waste, and so was born this product, which is widely applied in the West. Russia has just embarked on this path. In some regions of the Russian Federation, in which there is no gas supply, has already occurred in the transition of boiler houses to alternative sources of fuel. Experts predict by 2020 the increase in the consumption of pellets in our country 5 times.
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