Machines the transmission type of the MALL – the key to high performance

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Machines the transmission type of the MALL – the key to high performance

Woodworking machines, receiving the finished product by passing the logs through the machine belong to transmission type. All of the largest woodworking enterprises work only on this kind of equipment.
Although the through-type machines occupy quite a lot of space due to their large size, are much more expensive than other models, and require pre-sorting of raw materials, are extremely popular. This is due to the fact that this kind of machine has a high performance. But for large companies – one of the most important factors when choosing equipment.
So, the production line is equipped with 2 machines transmission type and a full set colotenango equipment that is necessary to improve automation, endowed with a capacity up to 120-150 cubic meters of finished products per shift.
If you need to purchase a machine through-type for use in conditions of our own production, we recommend you to stay at a manufacturing plant Trading House Kotelnich Mechanical Plant. This company produces reliable equipment under the brand name of the MALL. Positive feedback from customers and partners about the cooperation with the organization suggest that the organization can safely deal with. The company is not the first year specializes in the production and sale of woodworking equipment. Have questions? Call: 8-800-2000-222, 8(8332)58-02-74.
Source: "Trading House "Kotelnich Mechanical Plant"
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