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Dose of the Grand prize will receive a Certificate of the Customs Union

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Dose of the Grand prize will receive a Certificate of the Customs Union

By purchasing a particular product, we expect that it will be of high quality and will last us for a long time without any complaints. In particular this applies to high-priced acquisitions. Hardly anyone will want to spend a large sum of money, and then suffer from the fact that expensive purchase does not meet the desired standards of quality and reliability. To spend money always to the mind.
Production company a Dose-Grand, specializing in the production of expensive pellet equipment, fully agrees with this statement. That is why the company produces only high-quality and reliable equipment that meets the most stringent requirements. So the customers do not have any doubt about the quality of the entire range manufactured by the company equipment, the Dose-Gran decided to get the Certificate of the Customs Union.
Certificate of the Customs Union are required to resolve the circulation of goods within the customs Union. This document proves that quality of products conform to technical regulations. The document was adopted by the allied States, allows free certain group of goods on the CU territory.
The certificate is necessary to legitimate trading activity. In addition, it certifies compliance with the conditions of the customs Union. This document is valid for 5 years. Sometimes after the issuance of the certificate, the certification body conducts inspection control of the goods. The frequency of these procedures is 1 year.
For effective operations requires certificates confirming compliance with special CU TR (technical regulations for Customs Union). Thanks to them, to ensure maximum safety of any product. Impossible without a legal release of goods and their legal circulation in the Eurasian Union. In Russia, like other countries, is issued by certification authority accredited in the Customs Union.
Obtaining this certificate will be a huge competitive advantage for the company a Dose-Grand, as today not every Russian supplier of equipment for pellet production has the certificate. And this is not surprising. Because it has strict requirements, the procedure for obtaining this document is complicated and involves the following stages:
- Filing of the application.
- Provision of documents.
- Identification and selection of standard samples.
- Conducting certification testing.
- Registration of the Protocol with the results of the research.
- Issuance of the certificate.
Customs Union certificate is issued only to reliable companies, quality products which meets the highest quality requirements.
Source: "DOSE-GRAN"
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