A quality saw is the key to high performance woodworking machines

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A quality saw is the key to high performance woodworking machines

The majority of companies involved in wood processing or woodworking, you know that the quality of the equipment affects the productivity and hence the profitability of the company. However, in order to produce a quality product, and do not disqualify the material, the necessary quality saws, which will provide good depth and width of cut.

Today the market is so diverse that it seems impossible to deal with the problem of choosing the right consumables. With such a large selection of tools, it's easy to get lost - a wide range of saws with different set of options, which differ from each other in the form of technical characteristics, materials used in their manufacture.
In fact, a circular saw is a fairly simple tool. To choose the right tool that will meet your needs and budget, you need to know about the purpose of this saw and what distinguishes high-quality saws from the rest of their species. The purpose of a circular saw is determined by such parameters as the number and configuration of teeth, form between the teeth sinuses.
What you should consider the following options when you select the saw to serve as a qualitative part of your machine:
1) the Number of teeth of the saws in the edger / multirip is the number of teeth of the saws in the edger / multirip affects the speed and cleanliness of cut material;
2) the shape of the interdental cavities - for example, for rapid longitudinal sawing using disks with a small number of teeth and big bosoms, so that when sawing along the grain to facilitate the removal of sawdust;
3) the Speed of rotation of the dial to the safe operation of equipment requires that the allowable disk rotation speed exceeded the maximum possible rotational speed of the saw;
4) the Thickness of the saw depends on the width of the cut;
The correct saw parameters for the equipment, you can extend the lifetime of the machine and to maintain high performance.
If You are interested in this subject, and You still have questions, a team of specialists TD “KMZ” ready to provide advice and answer your questions.
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