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Dose-Gran: pellet is a perfect fuel for export

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Dose-Gran: pellet is a perfect fuel for export

Pellets – an alternative source of fuel, which has long been used abroad for the heating of residential and other premises. In Russia pellets are less common, despite the fact that on the territory of our country there is a huge amount of reserves of raw materials for the production of pellets is wood.
In Russia, the production of pellets will become an ideal business, which can bring big profit to its owner. Sell fuel pellets can be in Russia, but the best option is export the pellets overseas. Pellets can be easily transported, they will not be damaged and will not deteriorate. In addition, this product takes up little space and has much less weight than unprocessed wood.
Large CHP in Europe the pellets are turned into "flour" and wiring for heating. There are CHP plants with biomass cogeneration function (when pellets are burned together with coal). Pellet market in Europe is growing. Therefore, every year the need for this bitablue increasing, and forest resources are thus limited. So you have to ask for help to Russia, which, in turn, uses and 10th share of their natural resources. So for the pellet business in Russia future.
The process of production of fuel pellets is carried out using the pellet machinery. To purchase the right model of this type of technology can be the expert in this field and manufacturing facility Dose of Grand, which is more than 10 years, specializes in the production and sale of equipment for the production of pellets.
Source: "DOSE-GRAN"

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