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TD CMH offers the best option for the production of fuel chips

Requirements for technological wood chips will depend on the type of production that consume the chips. For example, for pulp and paper (pulp and paper industry) wood chips must have a certain length: the fiber is 15-25mm and thickness not more than 5mm. in Addition, the cut surface of the chip should be smooth without Almaty edges and cut at an angle of 30-60 degrees. The number of chips broken edges should not be more than 30%.
Wood hydrolysis production to have a length of 5-35mm and a thickness not more than 5mm.
Chips for the production of wood-based materials:
1. Fiberboard - length 10-35 mm and thickness no more than 5mm.
2. EAF - length 5-60mm (depending on type of extrusion) and thickness of less than 30mm.
Humidity of wood chips for pulp and paper, particleboard and fiberboard shall be not less than 40%.
In addition, its requirements apply to species of wood chips. Sometimes limited mixing of wood chips of coniferous and deciduous breeds of wood.
A very important point is that the chips should not contain extraneous materials: metal, rot, sand. The percentage of the bark depends on the further use of wood chips. For example, the chips that will be used for the manufacture of pulp should not contain more than 1% bark. The share of bark in wood chips to produce particleboard and MDF should not be more than 12 and 15%.
Technology of production of wood chips is the debarking of large-sized waste( including strips and slabs if required, raskraski , long-length waste cutting shorter depending on the technical capabilities of chipping machines), recycling of wood waste into chips at the chipper machines, and sorting chips.
In the processing of packaged waste is not to produce waste before debarking and chipper place a magnetic separator to remove unwanted metallic impurities.
The main woodworking equipment necessary for the processing of wood waste into chips are chippers. The type of chipping machinery will depend on the type of feedstock and the destination of the final products. For the processing of roundwood and sawmill wastes to wood chips for pulp and paper use disc chippers. In the processing of waste lumber for wood chips to produce fiberboard, particleboard will be the best option drum chippers. For receiving of fuel chips using drum chippers FMT.
Chipping productivity of domestic cars produced in Russia is chipping machines from 3-4 to 40 to 60 cubic meters/ hour.
To buy a reliable crushing equipment, you can in the company Trading House Kotelnich Mechanical Plant at affordable prices.
Source: "Trading House "Kotelnich Mechanical Plant"

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