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TD KMZ: reed – effective solution for biofuels

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TD KMZ: reed – effective solution for biofuels

Chippers – demand equipment, which is widely used for woodworking and wood processing enterprises. Using this equipment it is possible to crush wood and other types of waste. One of the most popular types of materials that can be processed in crushing machines is the cane, which has received fairly wide use. But why produce this plant?
The crushed cane serves as a crucial component that is used in the manufacture of building materials, insulation boards, because it has excellent heat conduction performance. Furthermore, the reeds used in the pulp and paper industry for manufacturing paper, napkins, etc.
Also effective solution for the crushing of cane is the production of biofuel – pellets, which today have become a great alternative to standard fuel sources – oil and gas. Pellets, which contain reeds, have a low content of sulphur and other harmful components.
Buy quality chipping equipment for the processing of cane in the company Trading House Kotelnichsky Mechanical Plant. In the company's catalogue contains a wide range of techniques of different types: drum and disc, which differ from each other in the package and technical characteristics.
Features disc chipping machines
Manufactured by the company trading house "KMZ" disc chipper model FMT is ideal for grinding cane. The performance of this type of equipment ranges from 2 to 5 m3 per hour.
In addition, due to the high capacity chipping machines of this type can grind not only reed, but also more solid materials such as wood. The final product of processing wood sawdust Westpoint various factions. The size of the obtained product can be controlled by setting a sieve with large holes. For the efficient crushing of the raw material, humidity not to exceed 70%.
FMT chippers have excellent operational capabilities and can be used as small private farms and larger enterprises to implement the processing of cane, wood and other raw material
If you plan to engage in the processing of cane, feel free to ask for help in the house "KMZ". The company has a high experience of work. The company has more than 10 years supplying the industrial market of Russia and CIS countries. high quality chippers.
Source: "Trading House "Kotelnich Mechanical Plant"

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