What tasks solves sawmill equipment etc KMZ?

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What tasks solves sawmill equipment etc KMZ?

Production company Trading House "Kotelnich Mechanical Plant for a long time works in the market of woodworking equipment. During this time the company managed to achieve a lot: to make their equipment the most advanced, to develop new models, to expand the geography of sales not only in Russia but also in CIS countries, etc.
Therefore, each and every client and partner companies can not doubt the quality and functionality of manufactured equipment. Numerous examples of woodworking machinery helps to solve a range of problems for sawmills:
The disposal of waste.
The organization of non-waste production. Using chipping machines, wood waste to make wood chips, which is subsequently used as a construction material or as an alternative fuel source.
Extract from a side activity of stable income.
Equipping the production with modern, high-quality and high-efficiency equipment.
Full automation of production. This frees staff from manual labor.
It's not all the possibilities that open before you when purchasing woodworking machinery manufacturing etc KMZ. Want to get more information? Call: 8-800-2000-222, 8(8332)58-02-74.

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