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Dose-Gran – the best assistant in the pellet business

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Dose-Gran – the best assistant in the pellet business

Today many entrepreneurs are passionate about one of the most popular business areas – the production of pellets. Pellet business has long been thriving abroad and in our country is just gaining "momentum". The thing is that pellets is an alternative fuel source that is cheaper than traditional sources - gas, oil, etc.
In Europe, the economy and safety above all else. In our country pellets (pellets) is produced mainly for export. Therefore, product quality must be at the highest level. Otherwise they just won't cut it abroad. The quality of the pellets largely depends on 2 factors: quality of raw materials which produce fuel pellets and pellet equipment reliable.
To do everything efficiently on their own will be quite difficult, because without the necessary skills will not be enough. In any case you need the help of a professional who will prompt, what equipment for the production of pellets to use, what materials are best to use etc.
With these and many other questions relating to the pellet production, it is better to consult experts who have been working in this market, you know all the nuances of the process, and which provide a full range of services in this area. To find such specialists, not understanding in these matters, will not be easy. Therefore, we recommend you to go online, type a query of "pellet business" and one of the first positions you will find a company that will help you to realize all your ideas in this area, production company a Dose-Grand.
The company operates in the market since 2003 – since the introduction of pellets in the domestic market. This organization became one of the first who spoke about the pellets Russia. The company is considered to be the expert in this market. For all time of existence of Dose-Gran has successfully implemented several hundred major projects for well-known companies
The company has its own production site, where testing and development of new models of pellet equipment, design and technological departments. The organization provides excellent service to their clients. It is worth noting that the company has its own warehouse, which stores supplies for the entire range of manufactured equipment. All of this is the success of the enterprise. Dose-Gran offers an optimal technology, which allows to obtain pellets from various raw materials of different moisture levels: balance, sawdust, beet pulp, etc. Convergence and manufacturability of all units is achieved, including at the expense of own production. Other companies obviously have to combine the various components not manufactured according to the same standards and technologies.
Source: "DOSE-GRAN"
Tel: 8-800-200-24-66, (831) 432-6-500

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