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#1 Nov. 23, 2015 11:38:33

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To purchase dies for pellet presses with discount in LLC "Dose-Grand" now! The number is limited.

“Dose-Gran” for more than 10 years successfully supplies the Russian market with high-performance technology of pellet. The company also provides many customers with spare parts and consumables. All products are original, has a high degree of reliability, is manufactured according to international quality standards and has a favorable cost in comparison with competitors.
We understand how important it is to make timely replacement of consumables, and spare parts. Otherwise, loss of production or technology will mean significant losses, and the inability to perform the required volume of the produced product.
Therefore, the company is now “Dose-Gran” reduces the cost of matrix press granulator series OGM and DG. Purchasing matrix out now, you ensure smooth operation of your pellet mill, and extend the life of your equipment.

Frequently ignoring the issue of timely replacement of consumables, or using matrix pellet press their longer lifetime (generally more than 500 tons of waste material), You may encounter such problems as :
1) the formation of a poor quality and loose pellets;
2) the disruption of workflow due to poor operation of equipment;
3) loss of productivity, and costs extra time for Troubleshooting, which can become systematic;
Acquiring matrix in “Dose-Gran”, you can be sure in their quality. The company provides the customer a warranty for the supplied equipment and spare parts to it. You don't have to wait - all spare parts always in stock available. The company's specialists always keep in touch with the customer, and can quickly replace spare parts for Your equipment, or to provide competent advice how to do this on their own.

Take advantage of a favorable offer now that the price has been reduced! You have the opportunity to buy the following model matrices at a special price of only 70 000!
This offer is valid only at the time of availability of products in stock, the number of positions is limited!

Matrix OGM-1,5 MX-78-8-1:7,5 - 30pcs
Matrix OGM-1,5 MX-118-6-1:7,5 - 11pc
The matrix DG-500/MH-66-6-1:7,5 - 19 PCs

Please note that the cost of production is reduced only at the moment of the action!
If You want to get matrix press granulator series OGM and DG at a special low price, or to place an order now, you can contact the managers of the company, who will answer all your questions!

To have time to make an order or inquire about product availability, call toll free : 8-800-200-24-66
Or use the feedback form on our official website: www.dozagran.com

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ООО “Доза-Гран” - Технология энергии


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To purchase dies for pellet presses with discount in LLC "Dose-Grand" now! The number is limited.

and please write how often you need to replace the matrices on your equipment? often fly, read.
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