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Why do we need hydraulic disconnector logs?

Working in the woodworking industry, it is necessary to consider not only the issues related to the equipment of the first and second lines, it is important to consider the availability and quality of colotenango equipment. Because its use significantly increases the quality of work and helps to optimize workflow in production.

Let us examine this question on the example of such a unit, as a hydraulic disconnector logs. At first glance, for a man who is a newcomer to woodworking, this phrase may seem both incomprehensible and useless. However, it is the hydraulic disconnector of logs is an indispensable machine used for sorting of wood, split and routine issuance for a further sawing. It provides a continuous process of processing of raw materials, and increases the level of security when interacting with large logs.

How does the disconnector?
The equipment is made in the form of a metal structure of rectangular shape, which includes two sections.
The first movable carries out the separation of logs, and feeds them one by one for further processing.
The second is fixed at an incline and is a metal table, made in the form of slides.
The logs fall onto the inclined table, where gravity serves to the mechanism that separates them individually. The movable part of the hydraulic disconnector delivers the raw materials to the conveyer belt by which wood is processed further.

Delivery table designed for long loads, and is a structure of metal that can ensure long-term operation, even with heavy weight loads.
It is equipped with a chain drive, which is connected with the motor. Due to the horizontal orientation of the table, it is possible to perform continuous operation with a large volume of logs.
The movable section is fixed on the table, operated by a hydraulic system, which promotes rapid filing of logs for further processing.
When choosing a company provider, such type of equipment, don't forget to pay attention on the following conditions of cooperation:
- experience a high degree of reliability and product quality;
- professional service at any stage of cooperation;
- prompt delivery of products to any region of Russia;
- guarantee, proven for decades!
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Why do we need hydraulic disconnector logs?

what equipment is used, this type of Perm? Please attach a photo to represent what it is...
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