From 6 to 9 September in Krasnoyarsk will host the XVIII international specialized exhibition "EXPODREV"

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From 6 to 9 September in Krasnoyarsk will host the XVIII international specialized exhibition "EXPODREV"

From 6 to 9 September in Krasnoyarsk will host the XVIII international specialized exhibition "EXPODREV".

In 2016 the platform will not only demonstrate modern technologies and advanced equipment for the timber industry, and organizes the display of heavy equipment in action.

As noted at the Krasnoyarsk economic forum in 2015, the presidential Plenipotentiary envoy to the Siberian Federal district Nikolai Rogozhkin, key meetings on forestry issues do not accidentally pass in Siberia where the greatest reserves of timber in Russia.

Moreover, the Krasnoyarsk territory has significant advantages over other regions. So, today the timber industry is implemented 8 priority investment projects in forest development. The total investment is 48174 million. In 2014 the opening of two large industries LLC "sibles Project" and ZAO "Kraslesinvest". To create conditions stimulating the increased use semi-subsistence wood and waste of wood raw material, the province established the steadily growing production of pellets.

In addition, the Krasnoyarsk territory the first of the Siberian regions has created a forest Fire centre, which combines ground-based and airborne forest protection. Edge was in the top five of the pilot regions, which provided additional supply of specialized fire-fighting equipment, communications equipment, CCTV cameras to monitor areas, etc

Victor Tolokonsky, the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region: "the Forest industry is a key sector for the region. Our nature – our natural wealth. We need to make our forest was brought to the Krasnoyarsk territory, as many of income. In this regard, it is necessary to determine the correct impulses for the development of the industry. Along with the exportation of timber, it is important to harvest and recycle as many products within the territory. To do this, of course, need a good regional production facilities".

All of these factors and the international status of the exhibition EXPODREV Krasnoyarsk make the project an effective platform to Express their achievements, to present to the enterprise edge equipment and to establish partnership contacts. It is worth considering that EXPODREV – exhibition part of the network project on woodworking, which is organized jointly with DeutscheMesse AG. "Our network already Germany, Mexico, South Africa, China, and now Russia, which presented the Krasnoyarsk project "EXPODREV". It's a comfortable atmosphere, the organizers are professionals – this ensures the confidence of the exhibitors, there is support from the government. Those companies that want to grow, you need to be here because of the investment potential of the region is enormous," said the Director DeutscheMesse AG Kai Fardelmann.

In 2016 EXPODREV will include all thematic areas related to forest industry: forestry, sawmilling, wood processing, wooden construction, forest protection and reproduction. Also will be organized for the first time "live" exhibition at the experimental site Divnogorskaya-College – ExpodrevFieldDay, where can be seen in the work of the forest heavy equipment – loaders, cranes, harvesters, forwarders etc. For visiting site specialists will be a bus connection from Siberia. This is a unique project with no analogues on the whole territory of Ural, Siberia and the Far East.

In addition to a large-scale exhibition, the exhibition will be held not less than mystablestringclass forum Siberia: specialized conferences, seminars, round tables and presentations.

We will remind, the exhibition "EXPODREV-2016" will run from 6 to 9 September. Place: Krasnoyarsk, street Aviators, 19, international exhibition and business center "Siberia".

To participate in the XVIII specialized exhibition "EXPODREV", it is necessary to contact the organizing Committee:
Alexander Raluk – exhibition Director
Itemtodump exhibition Manager
tel./Fax: (391) 22-88-616, 22-88-617
22-88-611 (hours)
More about the exhibition can be found on the website

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