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Pellet production in the winter. Conditions and peculiarities.

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Pellet production in the winter. Conditions and peculiarities.

The pellet production, is becoming increasingly as a new type of entrepreneurship. Equipping the production with high-quality equipment, and by establishing production pellets, you need to take into account the conditions that do not depend on the human factor.
One such example, of course, are the changeable weather conditions, it is typical for Central Russia.
It would seem that even when production is established, and the equipment works in full, which can be difficult to manufacture the pellets?

The winter time is quite specific, and forced to take a number of measures to preserve the quality of the product, and the level of performance of the equipment correspond to the planned indicators.
Features: the First thing you need to pay attention to is the humidity, as the environment and raw materials to create.
Accordingly, increased energy efficiency - i.e. the drying of raw materials needs to be more intensive, and at higher temperatures.
This will also create additional load on the drying drum.

Tip: If the hopper of reception of raw materials and chippers are on the street, it is advisable to cover them with awnings. This will reduce the ingress of rain and snow.
On the quality of the pellets will not be affected.
However, it is worth considering the fact that the cost of the finished product when this will increase in average by 10-15%.
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