Any disposal of waste through industrial shredders

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Any disposal of waste through industrial shredders

Woodworking industry - one of the most important fields related to timber processing. For the period beyond 2015 significantly increased the export of wood products, for example, because timber exports have reached 75-80% of abhisheka of the volume of the material.

However, in this area there are a number of problems that entrepreneurs and production have to solve. And one of these problems is definitely an environmental factor and health standards that failure to comply with entail costly fines and administrative penalties.

Utilization of products of wood processing can not only optimize, but also to profit from it - recyclables typically is implemented by many companies and the demand is relevant in the market industry.
In the forest industry usually remain unused materials such as: needles, bark, twigs, apparently, due to the irrational use of raw materials. Finished products occupies only 11 percent out of a possible 100.
The most popular kind of destruction or recycling is the use of industrial shredders is a woodworking equipment that can chop wood (and not only) raw in a matter of minutes. There are several types of shredders:
1) single-Shaft. Suitable for recycling materials with a large thickness and excellent fracture resistance. Used for grinding plastics, wood waste, rubber materials, polymers, etc.
2) double Shaft. Are Clooney the cutting-disks, of high-strength steel. This type of shredder has high torque - used for grinding of heavy-duty materials.
3) Pyativalnye shredders - shredders equipped with 4 working shafts with the cutting disks. This kind of shredder has the highest power compared to previous models, and suitable for grinding not only wood, but also metals.
Use the industrial shredder can process various kinds of material: paper, cardboard, plastic, rubber and even metal. Contacting TD “KMZ” you can get not only qualified consultation of specialists, but also to acquire domestic equipment, designed with the latest technology.

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