Exhibition "Siberian House/Cottage. Low-rise housing construction"

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Exhibition "Siberian House/Cottage. Low-rise housing construction"

Siberian House 2013
Exhibition in the field of wooden and low-rise construction, equipment and life support systems, landscape construction, design and landscaping, landscape design and architecture, floriculture and plant growing – "Siberian House" will be held in Novosibirsk from 25 to 28 April 2013

During his 10-year history, the exhibition "Siberian House/Cottage. Low-rise house building" has grown into a large-scale project and has acquired the status key for the Siberian region of the event through one of the most promising segments of the housing.

The exhibition presents the seven main areas of low-rise construction. The transparent format of the exhibition guarantees the attention of the target audience, and visitors will have the opportunity to quickly navigate in a variety of proposals and focus on core exposures.

Today, the development of low-rise construction is a special theme in housing policy in each region, and specialized exhibition "Siberian House" becomes relevant business area providing information for all participants of the market of low-rise construction.
Distinctive features of the exhibition is the complex approach to the construction of the ideal home — cozy, comfortable, functional living space.

"Siberian House" comprises 7 key areas:
- The cottage. Low-rise construction
- Wood construction
- Landscape architecture
- Stoves and fireplaces
- Swimming pools and saunas
Intellectual cottage
The cabin country real estate
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