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LLC "Vesta". Review real client LLC "Dose-Gran".

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LLC "Vesta". Review real client LLC "Dose-Gran".

Good day, dear visitors of the forum!
I want to tell you about our partners from the Republic of Komi, which literally brought the pellet production to the next level, and for the second year biofuel supply municipal organizations, and private homes. Commercial Director of “Vesta”, Nikolay Gorbunov sure - pellet business, this is a promising direction, which is the future.

At the end of 2014, the company “Vesta” has set a modern pellet line, for processing wood sawdust of natural moisture, and has launched the technology at work.
The idea of such a direction in business development, was the problem of disposing large amounts of waste left after the production of lumber. The idea of the entrepreneur has not gone unnoticed. The project was supported at the state level. According to Nikolai Gorbunov, the project has generated considerable interest and was supported by the administration of Syktyvdinsky area. When the project is approved for implementation, followed by financial support in the form of a grant from the national budget in the amount of 500 000 rubles.
According to Nicholas, the grant has helped to cover a third of the cost of installed on-line equipment.
Today the production of pellets is fully equipped with advanced equipment production line, which is designed for all stages: from preparation of material for the pellets and packing finished product.
Integrated granulation line includes all the sections required for obtaining granulated product from the feedstock:
? drying of raw materials;
? fine grinding;
? hydration;
? the formation of granules;
? cooling and sieving;
? dosing and packaging.
Granulation of pellets begins with the crushing stage of raw materials to obtain the desired fraction of the sawdust, followed by drying and planning the removal of moisture is achieved with 70-80% to 12% - it is under these standards may be formed from high-quality dense granule. Then, the process of granulation - the output is formed pellet temperature of about 80 C. At this stage required cooling - so the finished pellets could be stored for a long period of time and to maintain their properties. The final stage is the sifting and packing of finished product.
To implement, says Nicholas, used bags of 40 kg - they are usually purchased for heating private houses. For an average house of 200 square meters, on the coldest days, when the weather in Komi is up to -40C, it takes about 2 of these packs per day = about 320 rubles. The residents - happy. They say that this kind of fuel is much cheaper and more practical than using electric boilers.
For municipal enterprises the pellets are Packed in big bags weighing up to 1 ton.
According to Nikolai to heat the production area of 700 square meters - you need about 4-6 tons of pellets per month in the autumn-winter period, and 2-3 tons of pellets in spring and summer, depending on temperatures.
“When the idea of such a direction pellet as biofuels, and when we were given a grant, the most important issue was to choose reliable equipment that will provide trouble-free production for the long term. Now we work on equipment from the ”Dose-Gran“. It was necessary to design and install line for wood sawdust. Our requirements more suited technology TPN-1800, and from the point of view of equipment of equipment, and performance suits us. The line works, the declared capacity correspond to the results. For an hour we get about 700 kg of finished product. The company also produces eco-friendly cat litter ”Good home“.
Today the company is ready to offer high-quality pellets as large parties and small volume for retail consumption.
We are proud of this cooperation and wish our partners OOO ”Vesta“ prosperity, new projects, and success in business!

Sincerely, LLC ”Dose-Gran".

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