Safety in timber production.

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Safety in timber production.

Many entrepreneurs at the start faced with the difficulties that hampered the development activities. In addition to finding a reliable supplier of quality woodworking machinery, most of the problems were caused by the issue of safety at the workplace.
Fire is one of the main reasons due to which Supervisory authorities are paying great attention to inspections of wood processing enterprises. Uncontrollable element of fire can not only deprive the owner of the equipment and other property, it leads to human victims. That is why the woodworking industry refers to the fire industries, as wood is flammable raw materials.
Trading house “Kotelnich mechanical plant” - is an expert machine-tool industries. The company has implemented hundreds of projects “turnkey” commissioning of woodworking. Experience specialists TD “KMZ” is huge. We suggest You familiarize yourself with their opinion regarding issues of fire safety.
The principles that first need to follow when organizing woodworking:
1. Work ventilation. It is in any case should not be dusty. Fine particles ignite well;
2. Woodworking machines must be purchased from a trusted, experienced provider, either directly at the factory. Be sure to ask all the necessary documentation, certificates of quality. Do not use improvised units;
3. Special attention should be given to space heating. It must be installed in accordance with all regulations woodworking industry. Use of electrical analogues;
4. For the storage of paints you need to equip a separate room.
5. All electrical equipment must be grounded, and the wiring to isolate.
These simple rules will help you avoid emergency situations. If You have enough experience in the organization of woodworking production, or have any questions on this topic, propose to discuss them in this thread!
Sincerely, LLC “TD” KMZ"

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