TEKHNODREV the far East

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TEKHNODREV the far East

From 21 to 24 April 2016 in Khabarovsk proided international forestry exhibition TEKHNODREV the far East.
TEKHNODREV the far East is the only exhibition project, which takes place in a region with a high demand for equipment for woodworking industry and further prospects of the development of the industry, allowing you to collect a guaranteed 100 % target audience of visitors and to meet the requirements of manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, technology, machinery, hand tools, etc. for forestry enterprises in business communication.
Traditionally, the organizers of the exhibition and Exhibition Association "RESTEC®" and Khabarovsk international Fair use special program of the personal invitation of top-managers and heads of procurement services equipment of the largest forestry enterprises and investors of the far Eastern and Siberian Federal districts. To visit the exhibition specialists of more than 3 000 forestry enterprises of the far Eastern Federal district, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Zabaykalsky Krai and Irkutsk region.
The composition and geography of participants is a distinctive feature of the exhibition "TEKHNODREV", because about 80 % of the total number of participants is non-resident and foreign enterprises.
Participating on international exhibition will be presented new products from companies: FUJI Seisakusho/Japan, Hekotek/Estonia, Atlanta, GA/Lithuania,Veisto/Finland, Muhlbock Vanichek/Austria, Harbin leasuring plant equipment/China, Olofsfors/Sweden, SUZUKO/Japan, Springer/Austria, BaltBrand/find enjoyable attractions.
Also at the moment their participation in the exhibition in 2016 confirmed by such Russian companies as Dulcimers (John Deere)/Khabarovsk, Lastaccesstime (Komatsu Forest)/Khabarovsk, Kleiberit/Moscow, Dormashimport (Ponsse)/Khabarovsk, Isotechnika (STIHL)/Irkutsk, AVS Group/Russia, St. Petersburg, WoodMizer/Khabarovsk, Teknoforest (Tigercat)/Irkutsk, Kominvest AKMT/Moscow, EMP Holztechnik/Vladivostok, Amur machinery and services (Caterpillar), AKE Rus/St. Petersburg, etc.
In order to maximize outreach and attract to the exhibition of additional specialists, in the framework of exhibition "TEKHNODREV" also will be presented sections: "Transles", "the Cottage, country house, estate and Dalexpomebel. Accessories. The interior of". Thus, the visitors will have the opportunity to see almost the whole process of "transformation", since the complex of measures for the harvesting and processing of wood to manufacture of final product – furniture or wooden houses.
In the framework of the business program of the exhibition will be held Alinemusechka international Forestry Congress. In the program of this event is expected to bring up for discussion the following topics: forestry, logging and timber trade, bio-energy, furniture production, investment, lumbering, building and construction wood materials.
Hurry up and book placeand to order extra invitations!
Daria Bad e-mail: bdk1@restec.rutel.: +7 (812) 320-63-63 (7223)

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