In St. Petersburg there will be held seminars for forestry professionals

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In St. Petersburg there will be held seminars for forestry professionals

CSTI Progress invites heads and specialists of forestry in the training courses (40 hours).

Forest management: forestry and reforestation
26 – 30 September, Saint-Petersburg

In the program:

1. Normative legal acts of the Russian Federation regulating forest management.
2. Requirements to suppliers of wood. Forest certification FSC and PEFC.
3. Provision of plots of the forest Fund use (including gratuitous).
4. Storage and transport of wood.
5. USAIS (415-FZ): the rules and practices of providing information for accounting of wood and transactions with it.
6. Reforestation: the forest management. Measurement tools and forest inventory of forest crops.
7. Measures for the protection and restoration of forestlands and the program for increasing forest productivity. Reporting.

Course instructors:

Grigoriev Igor Vladislavovich - doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, head of Department of technology of logging operations and Vice-Dean of the faculty of forest engineering for research, Deputy Chairman of the scientific-technical Council Spbgltu, Deputy Chairman of the Board SPb NTO Bumdrevprom”.

Grigoryeva Olga Ivanovna - candidate of agricultural Sciences, associate Professor of forestry Spbgltu, an expert in the area of main felling, programming, thinning, survey of places of fellings, forest pyrology, plans and programmes for forest management.

Modern technologies of wood processing industries
3 - 7 October, St. Petersburg

In the program:

1. Market analysis of products of woodworking industry.
2. Modern technological processes of wood processing industries. The experience of Russian and foreign enterprises.
3. Drying economy. Bonding solid wood. Termowood. Drevesno-polymer composites. Briquetting of wood.
4. Development of technological processes for the production of structural lumber.
5. Technological calculations of capacity and equipment. The selection criteria of the equipment.
6. Analysis of the compliance of raw material quality requirements of end products.
7. Prevention of defects and defective products.
8. Organization of accounting, storage, transportation and labelling of wood.
9. Directions for use of waste from wood processing industries.

Speakers at the seminar:

Tambi Alexander A. - expert practitioner in the field of technologies and equipment of wood processing, physics of wood, gluing of wood, sawmilling technologies, innovative methods for control of wood-based materials, Ph. D., associate Professor of the Department of technology of sawing and drying wood, Deputy Dean for scientific work. Included in the list of “Golden Fund of professionals of Saint-Petersburg in the field of ecology and rational nature management”.

Kunitsky Olga is an expert practitioner in the field of timber production, Ph. D., associate Professor of Department of technology of timber production. Included in the roster of experts of the Russian Federation for wood, timber, designs and products from wood harvesting and woodworking.

For participants:

• the training program with the issuance of Certificates of professional development in the amount of 40 hours;
• collection of background materials;
• the excursion program;
• daily lunch and coffee breaks.

Detailed information and registration pages for seminars.

About the organizer:
CSTI Progress: 20 years of conducting workshops and refresher courses for specialists from all sectors of business and industry. More than 20,000 customers each year trust us with their education.

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