Air emulsion Bontel fire extinguishers

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Air emulsion Bontel fire extinguishers

Offer to your attention a modern, portable, highly efficient air-emulsion Bontel fire extinguishers!

Used for liquidation of fires, effective and reliable protection against fires:

apartments, rooms, country cottages, wooden houses and cottages, baths and saunas, car garages, car, auto cars, ships, yachts, boats, boats of all types and brands of residential and industrial buildings, office, warehouse and archive space, children's, educational and medical institutions, clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants.


name: fire extinguisher EIA (air-emulsion);
rating European qualifiers: 1A, 34B;
brand the substances applied: Bontel fire-extinguishing agent;
the weight of the charge: 2 liters;
the displacing gas: nitrogen (N2);
working pressure: 1.0 MPa;
the length of the jet TOB fire extinguisher: 4 m;
the body of the extinguisher: stainless steel;
overall dimensions (HxW): 440x108 mm;
fire extinguisher weight: 3.9 kg;
temperature range: operating: -20?C to +50?With;
manufacturer: NPO Advanced technology;
service life: 10 years.

Price: 4300 RUB. (available).

Bontel fire extinguisher are:

to extinguish fires of class A (solid combustibles), B (combustible liquid substances) and E (extinguishing electrical equipment under voltage, in the presence of breaker). The fire extinguisher complies with GOST R 51057-2001 and SP 9.13130.2009. Meets the requirements of Russian Maritime register of shipping.

According to the norms of the provision of the facilities manual fire extinguishers - replace 10 lbs. of powder!

As stew:


the ease of use of the extinguisher;
the high efficiency of extinguishing fires;
the elimination of 90% of all fires in the initial stage;
use melkorazmernaja of the jet of extinguishing agent;
the absence of secondary damage due to minimum flow of fire extinguishing fluid;
effective suppression of fires of solid, smoldering, combustible materials and flammable liquids;
the ability of the fire extinguisher in temperatures as low as -20?With;
environmental safety of the extinguishing compositions;
seamless stainless steel housing (stainless steel, chrome, chrome);
high reliability, long life - 10 years!

Bontel fire extinguisher chrome buy

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