From 24 to 27 October 2016, Moscow hosted the 16th international exhibition "Lesdrevmash 2016"

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From 24 to 27 October 2016, Moscow hosted the 16th international exhibition "Lesdrevmash 2016"

The main event of the forestry complex of Russia

From 24 to 27 October 2016 in Moscow in the Central exhibition complex "Expocentre" successfully hosted the largest display of woodworking industry - 16th international exhibition "Machines, equipment and technologies for logging, woodworking and furniture industry - "Lesdrevmash 2016".

The exhibition is organized JSC "Expocentre", co - organizer: the Russian Union of timber Industrialists and exporters of Russia. The show was held with the support of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, the European Federation of woodworking machinery manufacturers EUMABOIS, in partnership with OAO "Centrlesexpo" and under the patronage of the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation.

Chief strategic media partner of the exhibition – the magazine "LesPromInform", General information partner – the magazine "Forest industry", the Organizer of the information centre of the exhibition –Next Business Media.

The exhibition, one of the five major world industry exhibition brands, is justly confirmed with labels of the global Association of the exhibition industry (UFI) and Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs (RUEF).


At the exhibition "Lesdrevmash-2016" was represented by products from 423 companies from 28 countries.
The total area of over 30,000 sq m was shown the latest equipment and technology in the field of woodworking.
The exhibition was visited by 10 038 industry professionals.
National pavilions at the exhibition were from Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Russia, Finland, France. For the first time at the state level participated Japanese companies. Japanese Association of manufacturers of woodworking machinery JWMA supported by the Ministry of economy and trade of Japan provided 17 leading manufacturers ' newest technologies for the forestry industry. Modern solutions for wood exhibited the well-known manufacturers: Fuji, Hirota Corporation Kanefusa Corporation, Kikukawa Enterprise, Kitagawa Engineering, OI Seisakusho, Suzuko, Yamamoto Vinita and several others.

The exhibition of their development, demonstrated by such global giants of the forest machinery, as Biesse, SCM, Cefla, Wagner, Griggio, Freud, Koimpex, Imal, Coima, Homag, weingärtner Mannheim, Siempelkamp, Ima, Imawell, Hartmann, Dieffenbacher, Sandvik, Wintersteiger, Felder, Ledinek, Polytechnik, Camozzi, Komatsu, Palfinger, Ponsse, Amitec Corporation, Eno Sangyo Co., Ltd., Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd., Fuji Seisakusho, Ltd., Hashimoto Denki Co., Ltd., Iida Kogyo Co., Ltd., Kobayashi Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd., Marunaka Tekkosho Inc., Meinan Machinery Works, Inc., Tenryu Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd., KDT Machinery Ltd., Tajfun and others.
The latest achievements of the Russian forest sector has also provided 250 domestic companies. Among them is "KAMI", "Intervesp", "MDM-Techno", "League", "Liteh", "LTT", "Kroneks", "Sftekhnologii", "Automatic Vector", "Bakaut", "Termite", "Thrupp", "Atlases" Factory "proletarian freedom", Borovichsky plant of woodworking machines, Belgorod abrasive plant, Maikop machine-building plant, SC "Taiga" and many others.
In the framework of the exhibition the Union "Agency of development of professional communities and workers "WorldSkills Russia" held the branch championship World Skills Russia for woodworking "Young professionals", which was attended by experts from 16 to 22 years. They competed in competencies in the categories of "Carpentry", "Carpenter", "Carpentry" "woodworking on CNC machines". Participants who showed the best results, was included in the extended composition of the National team of Russia and will represent our country at the world championship in Abu Dhabi (UAE) in 2017.
The exhibition Next Business Media in conjunction with the magazine "Forest industry" organized Media center Lesdrevmash. The center continuously provides participants and visitors with the operational information from the region and key events and participants during the exhibition.

Media centre organized a press tour of the stands of the participating companies. During the tour, the reporters of trade publications were able to communicate with top management companies to obtain information about products and solutions directly "from the horse's mouth".


The Central event of the business program of the exhibition "Lesdrevmash 2016" became the VIII international forum "Forest and man" organized by the Russian Union of timber Industrialists and exporters of Russia, Trade-industrial chamber of the Russian Federation, Federal forestry Agency, JSC "Expocentre", JSC "Centrlesexpo". General information partner of the forum – the magazine "LesPromInform".
Forum "Forest and man" was held under the motto "Investing in innovation and the environment".
At the forum were Deputy Minister of industry and trade of Russia Viktor Yevtukhov, President of STRATEGY Partners Group Alexander Idrisov, Deputy head of the Federal forestry Agency Alexander Panfilov, President of the Union of timber Industrialists and exporters Miron, Tuzun, member of the Bundestag Georg Schirmbeck. The forum was also attended by leaders and experts from the world Bank, UN FAO, the European Association of timber producers, national industry associations of countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

In the framework of the forum in addition to plenary meetings took place about twenty activities: thematic sections, round tables, seminars, conferences.
Themes of the issues discussed at the forum reflected all spectrums of development of the forest complex of our country. Special attention at the forum was devoted to the investment climate in Russia, environmental aspects of forest sector development, improving law enforcement and governance in the forest sector, the main directions and trends of forest engineering, trends in the development of science and education in the forest sector of the economy and other topical issues of development of the domestic forestry complex.

In the framework of the exhibition "Lesdrevmash-2016" was the Day of bioenergy, organized by the IAA "INFOBIO" and the magazine "bioenergy international" with the support of JSC "Expocentre" NP "NBS" and the General partner Polytechnik BiomassEnergy.

Great interest among industry professionals called the international conference "Bioenergy: pellets, briquettes, wood chips, biomass CHP and boilers on biofuel".

The conference was attended by the largest energy companies in Europe, the leading specialists in the bio-fuel industry, manufacturers of boilers for combustion of biofuels, technologies for granulation and briquetting of Europe and Russia, representatives of the authorities. Among participants and speakers buyers and biofuel producers, transport and logistics companies, banks and investment firms.

For the first time in the framework of the business program of the exhibition "Lesdrevmash 2016" has passed the First Congress of machine-builders and woodworkers Russia. The organizer of the Congress was organized by the Association "Drevmash" supported by the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation and JSC "Expocentre".
At the Congress there were discussed topical issues of development of domestic production and import substitution of foreign technological equipment for the timber industry machines and equipment for forestry, logging, wood chemistry, pulp and paper industry and woodworking industry, producing products from wood and wood materials, as well as proposals for the development of forest engineering in Russia.
The event was attended by Russian manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the timber industry, forestry educational institutions, non-profit organizations of forest complex of the Russian Federation and a number of Federal Executive bodies (Federal forestry Agency, Federal Agency on technical regulation and Metrology, Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, etc.).
Worked out at the Congress proposals will be considered in the development and implementation of the Strategy of development of timber industry complex of Russia till 2030.
Great interest was aroused by the Advisory session "Russian export center: about tools of support of export of equipment for woodworking", organized by the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation, JSC "REC" and JSC "Expocentre".
The session discussed measures to support exporters-manufacturers of equipment for timber, woodworking, furniture and pulp and paper industry.
All events of the business program have given a clear understanding of the processes occurring in the industry. The participants of the exhibition and the forum constructively discussed actual problems of development of the domestic forest industry and outlined the ways of further effective development in modern economic conditions.


Andrea Mattiello, the representative of the Agency for the promotion of foreign trade and globalization of Italian companies (ICE):
- The exhibition "Lesdrevmash" - a very important event for the Russian timber industry. For over 15 years, many Italian companies associated with this industry participate in the exhibition. For us it has become a tradition. We are fully satisfied with the exhibition, since its organization to the quality and quantity of the visitor audience. Will participate in 2018.
Zuoshi, Ivida, Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan:
- Japan is trying to support their producers. In this regard, after receiving a proposal from the Russian side, the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan decided to support the participation of Japanese woodworking machinery manufacturers in the exhibition "Lesdrevmash 2016". Thanks to the exhibition, the Russian experts and industry players have the opportunity to get acquainted with the products presented by our colleagues to build long-term business relationships into contracts and delivery. This is a unique opportunity for Japanese manufacturers to enter the Russian market.

Atsushi Kikukawa, Vice-President of the Japanese Association of producers of woodworking machinery:

- Many Japanese companies have long been familiar with the exhibition "Lesdrevmash" and not the first year involved in it. But this year we decided to collect all the companies associated with the production of equipment for the various stages of woodworking into a single Japanese pavilion. As a result, today in the national exposition there are 17 Japanese companies. We are very pleased to be here now on a project of this magnitude. We hope that participation in the exhibition "Lesdrevmash-2016" will have a significant positive impact on the promotion of our products.

Maria Danilina, a specialist in public relations of SCM Group (Italy):
- We manufacture equipment for woodworking and provide technical support worldwide. In the exhibition we participate in over ten years. Lesdrevmash is the key exhibition for our industry. We meet with visitors from all over the CIS. We have registered many clients. So the exhibition goes well.

Yury Galkin, the representative of OOO "PONSSE" (Finland):
- Since 2005 we have been working in Russia and with the same time participate in the exhibition "Lesdrevmash". The thrill of the exhibition this year is positive – we met many of their regular customers and see interest our products the new. If we talk about the woodworking, show to be good, are all leading companies. Loggers like us, a bit, so I see the potential for growth of the exhibition in this direction.

Yuri Hohlov, Director of technical policy of the Association of KAMI:
- The exhibition "Lesdrevmash" we are involved for about 20 years. For us this is a major exhibition, and we are ready for it. The exhibition is the place where you can discuss the current issues and problems, and to outline future cooperation strategy. Lesdrevmash is the platform that allows you to do this in a generic form, since it gives comprehensive coverage of the entire industry. I think this is the main advantage of this exhibition. Visitors this year are quite active.

Press-service of JSC "Expocentre"
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