The production of wood flour - a promising sector of processing of wood waste

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The production of wood flour - a promising sector of processing of wood waste

The need for industrial production of wood flour occurred in the early 20th century. Since then, this sector of the forest industry is continuously growing.

What is wood flour

Wood flour is a fine powder obtained through a dry mechanical grinding of wood. Its granules do not exceed the size of 1.2 mm. Wood flour is produced from wastes of woodworking industry – sawdust, chips, shavings.

GOST 16361-87 defines nine grades of wood flour, which differ in purpose and physico-chemical properties: 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 250, T, 560, and 1250. The quality of flour is higher, first and second grade, the species composition of coniferous, deciduous and mixed. Its color varies from light straw to dark brown, and depends on the type of wood from which flour is made.


Wood flour has unique properties: high adsorption, i.e., absorbent capacity and thixotropy – the ability to liquefy from mechanical impact and to thicken at rest. Due to these properties it is used as a filler for various materials.

About 60% of the total consumption of wood flour is the production of phenolic plastics. The phenolic plastic is a durable plastic that 40-60% is composed of wood flour. Made from phenolic plastic housings of household appliances, pens, kitchen utensils, cars dashboard, stationery, jewelry and more.

In the paint industry wood flour necessary for the production of the basic white pigment is a pigment of titanium dioxide. Here, the flour acts as a filtering material in drum filters.

In the production of industrial explosives wood flour plays the role of absorber. Reducing the detonation velocity, the number of allocated heat and temperature of combustion it prevents these substances from explosion during transportation, shocks and vibrations.

Wood flour is part alkidnogo linoleum and various adhesives. It is used for the production of replacement filter elements fuel and oil in diesel engines.
This is not a complete list of industries which are used in its production of wood flour.

The market of wood flour in Russia

Federal service of state statistics predicts by 2021, the increase of wood flour by 164%. Domestic producers of flour do not have time for this growth. In Russia there are no factories that would have produced only wood flour. As a rule, they are part of large companies as a subsidiary shop or land and release small amounts of flour. These volumes are not enough to cover the continuously growing demand.

Russian consumers of wood flour have to import it from China and Europe, but the current economic situation has complicated the process. However, in 2015, 70% purchased flour had to import and brands are 140, 180, 250 and 400 were recognized in Russia, scarce.

The production of wood flour is one of the most promising sectors of Russian industry. Modern high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of wood flour that will fill the market with quality domestic raw materials and solve the problem of disposal of wood waste industries.

About the company: “Dose-Gran” - the largest Russian manufacturer of production lines for the production of wood flour and pellets. Over 15 years of experience Dose of the Grand 1260 has successfully implemented projects in 13 countries. The quality management system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001.

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