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The construction of plants for the production of pellets with "Dose-Gran"

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The construction of plants for the production of pellets with "Dose-Gran"

To date, the process of production of pellets of utmost importance for most countries in the world. Pellets represent pellets made from wood, agricultural waste through their pressing. They can be used as an alternative source of energy – biopaliwa in different countries. Europe is already a few decades ago moved to biopaliwa, Russia is somewhat lagging in this matter. But, nevertheless, in different regions of the country appear to be a high-performance pellet plants, which produce products complying with international quality standards.

Most of the major players present in the market of manufacture pellet (fuel granules) are trying to enter the international market. But the main problem, from-for which to achieve these results is difficult, is a small volume of products. European consumers are not always agree to cooperate with small suppliers experience a shortage in pellets, they don't want, so they prefer to work with large producers.

In addition, European countries are willing to buy only certified products that comply with international standards DIN+. Not many Russian manufacturers produce high quality products in connection with the use of bad raw materials and equipment for the production of pellets.

To the Russian manufacturers have managed to go global, you have to build high-performance plants for the production of pellets, which will include reliable and quality equipment. Production company a Dose-Grand specializiruetsya on the design, production and sales of high-performance plants, single equipment for the manufacture of pellets.


“Doza-Gran” – production company working in the field of bioenergy since 2006. The company not only produces and sells equipment for the production of pellets, designs plants for the production of pellets, but also provides a full range of related services: installation, commissioning, design capacity, maintenance, supply of spare parts and accessories.

Website: www.dozagran.com

E-mail: office@dozagran.com

Tel: 8-800-200-24-66, (831) 432-6-500
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