"The MARKET of timber AND LUMBER RUSSIA 2017" - April 21, 2017

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"The MARKET of timber AND LUMBER RUSSIA 2017" - April 21, 2017

We invite you to participate in the II international conference
Date: 21 APR 2017
Venue: Intercontinental Hotel Moscow Tverskaya 22
Organizer: MAXConference
The conference is held with the support of: BOHNENKAMP AG, StenaLine

Where are the growth points for the national forest economy? This for many negiotations question - will be the leitmotif of the second conference "the Market of timber and lumber Russia 2017". On our site you can discuss not only current problems but also the prospects of the industry in the ten-year time horizon.

The dynamics of exports, prospects of recycling to tenants of forest plots to more intensive use and reproduction of forests – from the analysis of these and other issues will form a view on the future of the forest industry as a whole.

Close attention will be paid to the legal regulation of LPK. The focus of discussion of the conference was the proposal of the Ministry of industry and trade to restrict exports of birch in connection with the shortage of plywood raw materials in the domestic market and the potential impact after the introduction of the ban.

Also important is the regional format of business management, the influence of local authorities on forest economy. At the conference we will follow the local trends and install.

For the first time this year, the conference will discuss issues of transport and export of forest harvesting sites, including to discuss the situation on implementation of bases of railway stations with the organization of transportation of goods to the destination, the formation of local hubs on the basis of the railway stations traditional transshipment of timber.

Participation of public authorities: the forestry Committee of the Moscow region, the Federal forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz).

Key topics of the conference:

Trends in the global market, logging and processing timber

The potential impact from the expected introduction of the prohibition of exports of birch

Innovations in forestry and allied legislation. Initiatives of line departments

Pricing, trading instruments (OTC and exchange trading), foreign and regional experience in trade creating standards for trade

Regional and international experience in timber processing. Expansion of the range

The prospects of moving of tenants of forest land to more intensive use and reproduction of forests

The crisis of railway rolling stock: platforms, gondolas, saulosi. Assessment of the level of interest rates. The problem of timber from harvesting sites

The possibility of revising the norms of loading trucks. The situation on the transport of forest road: the introduction of weigh stations paralyzed transportation in many regions

Among the participants of the conference in 2016: Ministry of natural resources Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, FAS Russia, the Ministry of forestry of the Republic of Belarus, Russian timber Group, Biolesprom, Group "Ilim", FinScan Oy, Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC, the Baltic Business Association, Vologda Lesopromyshlenniki, Kronospan, Belarusian universal commodity exchange, SPIMEX, FSC, Scania, Freight, Transles, Tavdinsky plywood Board plant, Hasslacher, Forest certification and others.

We invite representatives of the regulators, domestic and foreign business, timber exchanges, carriers to Express their point of view and to know the position of the regulators and experts in this matter.

To register and receive the conference program please call +7 (495) 775-07-40 or e-mail: info@maxconf.ru.

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