The establishment of Export-oriented production sawmill and a few shops deep processing.

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The establishment of Export-oriented production sawmill and a few shops deep processing.

Good afternoon.

My name is Mikhail Ivanov. I live in Moscow. Engaged in the implementation of round wood and sawn timber including planed since 2008.
I'm looking for investor for creation of production on processing of round timber (sawing, drying) in the immediate vicinity of the resource base (cu Altai, the Kemerovo region,Khakassia, Buryatia, the Irkutsk region, Krasnoyarsk kr - location in any of them) and the subsequent production of finished products ( sawnwood, planed wood, glued products, cooperage). There are the necessary connections and experience their achievements.

What I suggest:
Staged development of the project and further development of wood-processing plant.

Products : lumber XB (Cedar, larch, pine, spruce , fir). and hardwood (birch), to 1-3 grade high quality for export to Asia mainly China up to 75% of the total production. Production of planed products from the sample (grade 0-1 ), and the production of laminated veneer lumber (North American block system - block long 50-100cm ) from the remnants of lines of optimization.

Production volumes per month up to 5,000 m3 of ready sawn timber for export to 3000м3 1 shift out of 3.
The rest - sliced products not less 500м3 (with a design capacity of 1500-2000 m3) total
The production of glued blocks (domokomplekta) to 1000 m3 per month
Other laminated products (door panel, window scantlings, etc.) up to 200 m3

What you need:

Creation of Joint-stock companies with a possible (not necessarily) subsequent to the IPO in the final stage
Rent of forest plots in the Bud and putting them on outsourcing, or the purchase of logging enterprises
Land acquisition 5-7 ha (prom destination) with the railway deadlock or nalichiem itself within a radius of 30 - 50km
The construction of fast-erected buildings for production and storage of finished products
Establishing an open warehouse for timber and timber sheds under lumber.

Buy lease:

Energy plants working on wastes of production (CHP capacity of 2.5-5 MW - with the sale of excess electricity to the state, in hours of downtime or low nagruzki on the network)
Line sort and supply of roundwood
The line of sawing round timber (small-diameter line for the XB rocks, the line for list rocks)
The withdrawal line of sawdust and slabs + mill (and)
Sorting line, the lumber
Grinding and other auxiliary equipment
Line optimization (mitre line)
Line markirovki
Line packaging and preservation

The construction or purchase of leasing of drying complex with a total volume of not less than 800 m3, with bunkers downloads from 20m3 to 100m3 with independent separate start and operating software configuration of a technological regime. (more logical to be self-erecting boxes with the subsequent invitation of the experts who will assemble all the equipment)
Tied at CHP

Line feed

Planing machines
Line optimization (Tarceva)
Line splicing,Bonding in complex with presses
Machines milling. and cutting.
Packaging lines (on different sites)

Pogruzchiki, cranes.

Working capital

The cost of total advance (on request)
The main costs (land, equipment, building) :
Considered leasing on all the equipment with payment of the initial payment, the costs of which previously (on request)
Earth (on request)
Pre-construction (on request)
Raw materials depending on the chosen scheme basic in a month 10000м3 (from 15 000 000 - 30 000 000) - set the monthly turnover at maximum load in 1 shift.

The profitability of over 50% (subject to the launch of all production sites)
Return taking into account payments on the lease to 5 years
Net income of the company , after paying taxes, lease payments, wages and others with busy 20% of the estimated (1 shift) of 5 000 000 per month, of which 70% of products - lumber for export calculated by the minimal selling price and margin of 35% (approximately 50% of revenue) and 30% of ready planed and PR products with a margin of 70 to 500%

Investments required from 40 000 000 for a full run

Period of organization of production 5-9 months after the acquisition of land and approval of the production project (detailed).
This project is designed in advance, based on information known to me and provided me a number of manufacturers of equipment and does not have a detailed business plan. At this stage it is important for me to find an investor interested in principle in this area, with material resources or access to them and are ready to begin to engage in dialogue even at this stage, for understanding and further joint already moving forward.
It is also planned to involve regional financial programs, perhaps the FPS when running the production job .
The percentage nominal of shares - consider appropriate options.
Distribution of duties the whole of the fin.part including the control etc. of fin. operations on the investor. Organization of production and internal processes, procurement, and distribution - on me.
Have an understanding of sales schemes of export markets to the fin. the tools and principles of operation in the domestic market (retail, private organization networks, financial instruments) .

If you have questions, interest in this project and willingness to explore, please provide a brief but succinct summary.

Sincerely Mikhail Ivanov.
7 (965) 430-43-43
Skype: lestorg7

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The establishment of Export-oriented production sawmill and a few shops deep processing.

Good day, Michael!
We spoke on the phone today.
Our company is a dealer of Atlas(the Germans), equipment for warehousing forest on the exchange.
Alexander 8-981-131-1500
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