Completed the II international conference "Market of timber and lumber Russia 2017".

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Completed the II international conference "Market of timber and lumber Russia 2017".

Completed the II international conference "Market of timber and lumber Russia 2017". The event was held in Moscow on April 21, 2017 with the support of the Department of industry in KHMAO-Yugra and with the participation of companies BOHNENKAMP AG, StenaLine, Indufor, Heliports of Russia. Partner of the conference was the company ECOLINE.

The conference was attended by representatives of regulators, domestic and foreign business, timber exchanges, carriers, sellers and exporters of lumber.

Ivan Advisers, the Chairman of the forestry Committee of the Moscow region, opening the event, called the key topics facing the forest industry. "By itself, the forest code is very controversial and each year undergoes so many changes. Today we will try to note what went right and what needed refinement in the future", - said the speaker.

Continued the theme Pavel Pavlov, chief adviser of the state legal Department under the President of Russia. He stressed the complexity of the legal component of the forest code and said that in 2017 it is planned a major update of forestry legislation and acts related with it. According to Pavlov, the State Duma is currently considering four bills that relate to changes in the organization of trading and protection of reforestation and forest Amnesty.

Dmitry Makhonin Deputy Chairman of the exchange Committee of the FAS of Russia, in his speech focused on the formation of transparent pricing. The speaker considers that the main task of FAS is to promote the formation of civilized relations between market participants. Makhonin noted that the state pays great attention to exchange trading, which are conducted on the basis of contracts with regional authorities.

The conference was attended by representatives of international companies and associations are showing great interest in the trade of the Russian forest and development of forest industry of the Russian Federation.

In particular, Evgeny Lopatin, senior researcher, Institute of forest resources of Finland, noted the presence of Russia's huge potential, which strongly depends on the region. According to Lopatin, there is an imbalance of the centres of wood processing centers and the workpiece, which is exacerbated by the lack of cars. "In other words, it is necessary to balance economic profitability and technical capabilities in the regions", - he said.

Of particular interest was the performance of Chinese Association of timber trade and wood products (CTWPDA), since China is one of the largest buyers of Russian forests. In his presentation Whether Dafeng, Vice President of the Association, spoke about the development of Chinese-Russian trading market, the forest. "Thanks to the developed logistics scheme, Russian wood supply in the Chinese regions such as Tibet, Xinjiang in the West, Guangdong and Yunnan in the South," said the speaker. According to Li Dafeng, Russia and China jointly participate in such international projects as the "One belt and one road", "China, Mongolia, Russia – a bilateral economic corridor" and many others.

The discussion focused on the topic of China's import volumes of the Russian wood and timber. After analyzing the presentation of the Chinese Association, the participants concluded that the previously obtained data of the Russian statistics are much lower than those that were made during the Chinese performances.

A number of participants, evaluating opportunities for processing of wood, came to the conclusion that at the present time in Russia, these projects are at the level of start-UPS and laboratory tests.

The participants were unanimous in their assessment of the relevance of the theme of the conference and the desire to continue in the next year discussion on the issues raised during the discussion.


"Thank You so much for organising, we really enjoyed it!"
Albina Popova, Deputy Director, Renren Int.

"Yesterday's conference was very good and all the speech are excellent. Many thanks for inviting us to give this speech".
Shen Wei, Secretary-General, CTWPDA

"Thank You for organizing such an interesting event!"
Yulia Maximova, forestry consultant, Indufor

"I want to thank you for the invitation to the conference "the Market of timber and lumber of Russia" and for the opportunity to participate in such a crowded and well-trained industry event."
Vladimir Biruk, Director, Group of companies "Capital".

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