The announcement of the journal "Bioenergy international" 1(26)-2013

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The announcement of the journal "Bioenergy international" 1(26)-2013

The announcement of the journal "Bioenergy international" 1(26)-2013

The main theme of the March number of the magazine "the Bioenergy international" was the production of fuel briquettes and discussion of the situation in the field of small pellet business in Russia. Another hot topic is Torrevieja. The journal gives a detailed analysis of various technologies of torrefaction of biomass, which today are studied and used in the world.
Industry experts shared their opinions on the situation in the field of production of fuel pellets. Opinion was divided: some believed that small pellet business leaves the market, others on the contrary speak of the flourishing of small and medium enterprises in the field of production of fuel pellets. Get acquainted with the views of the leading market players in the latest edition of "MB". About 20 experts gave their word.
The magazine also contains the results of 2012 production volumes of pellets, printed table with major producers of pellets and specified the prices at which these companies sell their products in the market. Journalists "MB" conducted market research and published the results in the latest issue of the "International Bioenergy". Also the analysis of the world situation in the field of production and consumption of fuel pellets.
As for the market of briquettes, article editor of the journal "MB" Olga Rakitova described in detail the situation in the field of equipment and production of briquetted biomass. Interviews with leading players in the market of briquetting equipment complement the analytical article. UPM and RUF told "MB" on the situation in the area of trade presses and shared his predictions for the future.
Energy efficiency in Swedish is a key article in the column "CHP and boilers on biofuel". Tatiana Shtern describes the Swedish experience in the field of production of heat and electricity from biofuels, and the company Metso announces its new biofuel CHP plant in Russia.
In the new category "investment" describes the support of a major Russian Bank Gazprombank, biofuel projects in the field of processing of lignin. In the "peat" presents an interesting article about the company "Shaturtorf" about the situation in the peat business.
The legislation of Ukraine has become a key theme in category "Ukraine". The head of UABIO Georgiy Geletukha describes in detail the conflict of laws of this country. Section "biogas" also presents a number of interesting articles about new biogas plants.
Under the heading "seminars" printed calendar of events the bioenergy sector for the first half of 2013 and announced interesting events such as the Spring biofuel Congress which will take place in April 2013 in St. Petersburg, may exhibition "Vastek" and many others.

Issue in brief:

Topic "Fuel pellets" on page 2-15
Pellets on the railroad
Chronicle pellet plants
Europe flooded Vyborg pellets
Will there be any small pellet business?
Expert opinion
Who produces and who consumes?
State biofuels

Topic "Fuel briquettes" p. 16-19
Production of fuel briquettes fighting for the lead with pelletikamin
Chronicle briquetting plants
The market briquette press 2012

The heading "Investments" pages 20-21
Features of investments in bioenergy Russia

The heading "Errepikatu" p. 22-23
What is torrefied?
Technology and manufacturers

Topic "Peat" p. 24-25
Peat industry is reviving

The category "Boilers and CHP biofuel" pp. 26-30
UK moves to pellets
Energy efficiency in Swedish
Metso in Komi

Topic "Ukraine" p. 31-32
Position of bioenergy in the draft updated Energy strategy of Ukraine till 2030

Topic "Biogas" pp. 32-34
Legal conflict in the biogas industry in Ukraine
Where to apply biogas technology

The heading "Seminars, conferences" p. 34-36
Calendar of exhibitions, seminars and conferences 2013

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