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3-4 October in St. Petersburg hosted the XIX St. Petersburg international Forestry Forum

3-4 October in St. Petersburg hosted the XIX St. Petersburg international Forestry Forum (PMLF-2017) - the largest annual business forum timber industry complex of Russia.

This year the event was attended by 456 delegates and 77 speakers from Russia, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Austria and Estonia. Among the Forum participants this year were representatives of 30 regions of Russia. The audience of the event, as usual, made up of industry experts, entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists and professionals of the forest industry. Information support to the Forum provided more than 35 trade and business media.

Among the participants were representatives of such major companies as: Kohlbach Energieanlagen GmbH; Springer Maschinenfabrik GmbH; Russian timber Group; GK Vologda Lesopromyshlenniki; GK SVEZA; PDK Apsheronsk; RusForest; novoyeniseiskiy wood Chemical Complex; Inzensky DOSES; Hasslacher; Mondi; RFP Teams; BNBMG Group Forest Products; Metsa forest Saint Petersburg; MM-Efimovsky; Enso forest vest; international paper; IKEA industry Tikhvin; Arkhangelsk pulp and paper mill and many others.

Over the 2 days, participants discussed key issues in forestry, such as: strategy of development of timber processing complex of rational use of forest resources, innovations in forestry, competent in waste production and environmental safety. Industry professionals have shared their unique information and expertise, given a fresh overview of the market and forecast for development of the forestry sector.

"This year, we gathered on the Forum the most active and competent industry experts have tried to create a comfortable environment for discussion and the development of effective solutions" - noted in his greeting to participants, the General Director of Exhibition Association "RESTEK" Igor Kirsanov.

The forum opened with a plenary session "Development of a Forestry strategy 2030", which were: Eugene The assistant to the Plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the North-West Federal Okrug; Alexey Eglit, head of the forestry Department for the northwestern Federal district; Martin Hermansson, the General Director of JSC "novoyeniseiskiy wood-chemical complex"; Yuri lakhtikov, Chairman of the Board of RAO Bumprom; petteri Pihlajamaki, Director, Pöyry Management Consulting Oy; Dmitry tolpygo, head of the Committee on financial services of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs, Oleg Numerov, Director General of the Association of enterprises of furniture and woodworking industry of Russia. The meeting was moderated by Director of conservation policy, WWF Russia Eugene Schwartz.

At the meeting, the experts discussed the future of Russian forestry sector, namely: the impact of the Forest strategy 2030 for the development of pulp and paper at medium term period; the development of exports as a driver of implementation of the strategy of forestry development to 2030го; unfair competition and growth prospects of income of the state at the expense of the forestry sector; strategy of development of branches of the deep mechanical processing wood in the aspect of realization of Strategy of development of the forest complex of the Russian Federation until 2030.

"One-fifth of the world's forests is in Russia, so everything discussed during the forest forum issues are global in nature, – said, welcoming the participants, head of the forestry Department for the northwestern Federal district Alexey Eglit. – You want to focus your attention on the strategy of development of the forest complex of the Russian Federation until 2030. Its objectives should be the achievement of sustainable forest management, the rapid growth of the forestry sector in compliance with the ecological role of forests". Also Alexey Eglit said: "That timber is not over, it is necessary to ensure the speedy introduction of intensive methods of forest management and lastovica go to the forests".

The assistant to the Plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the NWFD Evgeny The noted that the forest industry has an important role in the development of the economy of the County: formation of budgets and employment. In the Northwest is concentrated over a quarter of the forest Fund of Russia.

Traditionally, great interest was aroused by the conference on international cooperation in the sphere of forest industry, where experts discussed the markets of USA, Europe, China and Japan: the experts gave the analysis of the state of the markets, and told the participants about the possibilities and prospects of cooperation with Russian companies. At the conference shared their experience of recognized experts: Russell Taylor, President of WOOD MARKETS Group, sun Xiaobing, the Department of planning and Finance of State administration of forestry of China; Li Jifen, Vice President and Secretary General of China Association of timber trade and wood products; Maria Vasilkova, Vice President of marketing Segezha Group; Dmitry tolpygo, head of the Committee on financial services of the Russian–Asian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs; petteri Pihlajamaki, Director, Pöyry Management Consulting Oy; Paul stark, Director of sales and logistics, LLC "Mayer Melnhof Holz efimovskiy"; Amir Rashad, representative of the company MAROSEF Import & Export AB. The international conference was organized by Chinese Association of timber trade and wood products.

One of the brightest events of the Forum was the Round table "Wooden housing construction driver of the timber industry complex of Russia" with participation of heads of leading enterprises of the wooden house of Russia – members of the Association of DD and other forestry enterprises of the country. The Round table discussed the problems and prospects of wooden housing construction, strategy of industry development till 2030, state support measures, export issues, Accreditation and certification, including forest resources, as well as the education and certification of personnel. Of particular interest and discussion was caused by questions of export, human resources and system of Rating Accreditation of wooden construction (RUDD).

4 October in the framework of the forum held a seminar for experts "the Wood in construction and timber structures". The workshop brought together technical staff of enterprises and designers, as well as representatives of universities and researchers. In presentations at scientific and practical level discussed innovations in the regulatory framework, standardization, the same methods of calculation, survey of wooden buildings and structures.

Just within two days, the forum was held 4 round table and 3 thematic conferences, where the participants, in addition to the above discussed questions such as: timber construction, as the driver of the timber industry complex of Russia; the role of Russian producers in world production of birch plywood; the requirements of the forestry legislation in the field of timber, new methods of forest management and bioenergy and biotechnology in the forestry.

Participants of all events noted the high level of speakers and the topicality of discussed topics, each of which generated active discussion.

The day before the opening of the St. Petersburg International Forestry Forum held a workshop "Planning and implementation of forest management activities on the new standards of forest management in operational and protective forests", which was organized by International Paper in cooperation with St. Petersburg forestry research Institute and the Union of timber manufacturers. The participants visited the lesnichestvo Tikhvin (Leningrad region, Tikhvin town), where he familiarized himself with the issues associated with planning and conducting works on new rules for reforestation, forest care, timber harvesting. Demonstrated the techniques of intensive forestry: reforestation under the new rules, tending and harvesting of wood.

Estimated delegates and speakers, the Forum reaffirmed its reputation as one of the most effective business platforms in the timber industry. Most of the participants have already planned a visit to St. Petersburg International Forestry Forum in the following, 2018.

In 2018 St. Petersburg international Forestry Forum is to be held on September 26-27.

The organizer of the Forum – Exhibition Association "RESTEC".

Official partner – novoyeniseiskiy wood Chemical Complex.

The forum was supported by: Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, Federal forestry Agency, Union of timber Industrialists and exporters, RAO BUMPROM WWF Russia, wood housing Association, the Association of furniture and woodworking industry of Russia and the Association of ENBIO.

General information partner: magazine "LesPromInform".

Official website: www.spiff.ru

Photos from the event: www.restec-expo.ru/spiff/spiff-foto
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