Report the world market for softwood lumber and forecast until 2022

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Report the world market for softwood lumber and forecast until 2022

In different countries the market for softwood lumber in the 10 years since 2006 have evolved differently. Growth in Asia, particularly China, has had an enormous influence on the development of global demand and trade, with demand in North America and Europe today is still below pre-crisis levels. The growing pace of world trade has allowed North American and European companies to increase production.

In future, we expect further growth in global demand, which will be mainly provided by the Chinese market and a recovery in Europe and North America. In the new record volume of demand for sawn timber sawmilling industry will have to find the answers to some important questions, in particular:

· Where will go to timber?
· What will be the dynamics of prices?
· What is the required capacity and where they should be?

In an attempt to answer these questions, the experts Pöyry Management Consulting have prepared the first edition of the Report on the world market for softwood lumber, which sets out the results of the analysis of future demand for lumber by regions of the world, as well as the evaluation of promising potential supplies to growing markets. In this report, Pöyry considers all the fundamental elements of sawn timber markets: demand, supply, trade, competitiveness, and availability of wood raw material.

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