Problems of the Russian market of plywood

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Problems of the Russian market of plywood

Areas of application of plywood in the Russian market and in Europe, as elsewhere in the world are the same, the key differences are in the range of products, technologies used on a particular market and the local traditions that have quite a serious impact on demand.

The most popular areas of application of plywood is:

Construction (decking, construction, timber, fencing).
Transport (trailers, reefers, buses, railway, containers).
Furniture (soft, Cabinet, children's, designer).
The LNG tanker for transportation of liquefied gas. Insulating material.
Flooring (engineering Board, three layer Board).
Niche markets (eg. punches, vibrators, boats, toys).
If we talk about the share of Russia in production of plywood – the country is the largest supplier of birch plywood to the world market. Of the approximately 5 million m3 and 3.7 million m3 is produced in Russia, everything else is Finland, and China.

According to Alexander Totsky, Director of sales of UPM Plywood in the Russian market of plywood are only three types of product. It's birch plywood, laminated plywood, plus some manufacturers are now making plywood with colored coating, but it is usually laminated panels that exist on the market since the 90-ies.

Currently at the Russian factories have the latest equipment, which can not boast of Finland, but the level of complexity of production, the level of added value of the product, domestic producers are stuck between 60-80 years.

"When we say we are a world leader in production of birch plywood, it is very important to look at our position correctly. Now the technological level of production reached such heights that significant differences in products from different manufacturers and not the plywood from any manufacturer is called Russian common phrase Russian plywood. While the rest of the world birch plywood is a products with high added value, made, with different coatings and adhesive compositions" - says the expert UPM Plywood.

In addition, the total volume of plywood production is unit – Hardwood. This plywood is made from varieties of hard wood for it, and is birch plywood. If we talk about exports to the European market, plywood from Russia, of course, a very important product and has a large share in the world market, but at the same time is essentially the same plywood from China is the same proportion.

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