10 000 000 trees will be planted in one day!

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10 000 000 trees will be planted in one day!

10 000 000 trees will be planted in one day!

Forest fires are endemic in regions of our country, as a result, which kill trees, animals and birds. Those who manage to escape, can't find enough food for themselves and their offspring. People are also not saving the forest for the last 100 years of industrial development of civilization on earth destroyed more forests than in the entire history of mankind.

In 2011, organized and conducted the first large-scale planting forests, which covered the 10 regions of the country most affected by the fire. The action was supported by the Government of the Russian Federation. Its creation was initiated by the forestry Agency. In 2012 this idea was supported by many governors and public men – thus, there is a good Russian tradition to rescue the forest.

This year, the President of Russia declared the Year of environmental protection, and the protesters have set a very ambitious goal – one day to plant at least 10 000 000 trees!

About the place and time of the campaign in the regions can learn from organizers and activists. All participants will undergo mandatory training and receive the tools and saplings.

Official campaign website http://18may.ru
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