Best fuel Pellets from Husk

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Best fuel Pellets from Husk

Sell and produce fuel pellets from sunflower husks.
Pellets for burners, industrial and domestic boilers.
diameter 8mm.
the heat of combustion 4956 kcal/kg.
packing in big-bags of 850 kg. or a bag of 35-40kg. the nasyp.
high quality and not expensive.
warehouse H. Stone Ford. The Rostov region(25 km from city centre).

Selling and granulation of bran.
Services granulation!

Agroprodukt, OOO is an official dealer of the plant FACE-RUS.
Offers the best Italian solid fuel boilers in terms of price and quality.

Boilers for heating of private houses, cottages, greenhouses, industrial buildings, s.
The life of 25-years. Warranty 5-years.
Boilers working on wood pellets of all types (wood, coal, etc.).

Own production of quality pellets, certificate of conformity, price stability,
possible shipping by region and city.

Always in stock.
ready to cooperate with exporters, companies, factories.
is available all year round.
our website : agroprodukt-Yug. Russia
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