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Pyrolysis plant containerized (300тн per month carbon powder)

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Юрий Н.
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Pyrolysis plant containerized (300тн per month carbon powder)

We offer deep processing of wood waste (chips, sawdust, bark, lignin and other organic matter)to carbon crumb (powder)using the continuous pyrolysis (UNP-300, -1200 UNP) in container design (40-ft.) with possible further production of charcoal briquette:
1. the capacity of carbon powder - 300 ton/month. (at a humidity of Rin. material – 80 %)
- performance with humidity 10-20 % - 1200 ton/month.
2. the size BX. raw material up to 70mm.
3. the volume of processed raw materials (moisture content 80%) - 5 m3/h/ 120m3/day / 3000 m3/month.
4. finished products - carbon powder (the content of nonvolatile carbon is 80-90%).
5. Market: Japan, S. Korea, China, Europe.
- Need only in the carbon powder is huge.
6. The cost is about 5-8руб\kg. in the production volume of carbon powder 300тн/month.
at zero cost of raw materials.

The proposed equipment has the following advantages over traditional pellet-based and other industries:
- no need to invest huge financial resources, while achieving many times the economic impact.
- obtaining the great added value of the finished product, and therefore a quick payback of the project (up to 6 months.)
- relatively small dimensions of the equipment, lack of infrastructure, the presence of a small free site (25*50m) (40-ft. container - pyrolysis unit), accessories (by the companies is all available) - crusher (shredder), trailers for the workers loading machine.
- mobility equipment.

If you are interested in this offer please inform to send more details.
e-mail [email protected]

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