The announcement of the journal "Bioenergy international" 2(27)-2013

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The announcement of the journal "Bioenergy international" 2(27)-2013

The announcement of the journal "Bioenergy international" 2(27)-2013

The main theme of the may issue of the journal "Bioenergy international" was the question of the production and use of liquid biofuels. As the author writes Efim Gelfand from Northern University: "Production of liquid biofuels is highly demanded by the industry. Their use as motor fuels is not only proportionally reduces emissions of the greenhouse carbon dioxide, but also significantly reduces the toxicity of car exhaust, which is payable from 50 to 90% of all contaminants in the urban environment".
In the section "pellets" industry experts from different regions and countries discussing the future of biofuel in Europe and Russia. Michael ulki from the "CCGS" argues that "it is clear to say that Europe will shift from fossil fuels to biofuels, it is impossible". It is supported by Yuri Gerasimov of the Finnish forest research Institute, Anton Ovsyanko, biofuel portal, Vitaly Lipsky, NERI and Alexander Ivanov, Winestopper-invest.
On other pages the headings printed articles about the development of the industry the production of pellets, as well as news about the commissioning of new plants and scandalous events in the number of enterprises.
Analytical review of the agglomerated production of biofuels in the Czech Republic is the expert from Germany Sergey Perederiy.
The heading "errepikatu" opens with an article about the creation of the Council for the torrefaction in Europe. His head Mile wild visited St. Petersburg in April 2013 to share experience in the construction of plants for the torrefaction of biomass and the markets of torrefied pellets.
About Finnish biogas technology details Director of Watrec Ltd. Juhani Savilampi. This company is developing dynamically and actively establishing biogas plants in the harsh Finnish climate.
On pages about business trips, conferences and seminars, gives a detailed account of the events that have occurred over the three spring months. One of the biggest exhibitions in Europe – the LIGNA trade fair-2013 – was, as usual, the most visited place for the Russian specialists of the forestry and biofuel industries. Many new products were presented by manufacturers Hanover, which immediately noted the Russians. Other interesting events of the Spring biofuel Congress in St. Petersburg and Moscow in the event of liquid biofuels has attracted a lot of participants interested in the topic of biofuels.
Other headings may issue "MB" - "briquettes", "boiler-houses on biofuel," etc. - tells about the news of companies and experience in the production and use of different biomass types.

Issue in brief:

The category "pellets" page 2-13
Pellets from a Container to China
Buryat waste disposed
Chronicle pellet plants
Railway will leave from coal
The court case "ILK "
Pellets in the Czech Republic
Biofuel future: prospects and barriers
Expert opinion

The heading "Errepikatu" pp. 14-16
The Council for the torrefaction
Monastery pellets
Deliveries began
Canadians subsidize biochar

Topic "Fuel briquettes" page 17-19
Briquettes from Omsk
Murmansk region: wood and peat compared to coal and fuel oil
Omsk economy: into the woods with his chips
The experience of Kirovsk for Komi

The category "Boilers and CHP biofuel" p. 20-23
CPM – Hekotek – Sorb: together towards a common goal
The LIGNA trade fair 2013
Austrian thermal station in Penza
Wels adopted Russians

The category "Liquid biofuels" p. 24-26
New developments for the production of liquid biofuels
The young talent
Siberian biobutanol

Topic "Biogas" pp. 27-29
Beet pulp saves money
As biogas projects more profitable to do nowadays?!
Finnish biogas technology goes to Russia
The plant in ASPO

The heading "Seminars, conferences, business trips," pp. 30-32
Biofuel Congress 2013
Biomass: fuel and energy
Calendar of exhibitions, seminars and conferences 2013
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