Subscribe for new ads according to your selected criteria

How to subscribe?

To use the service "subscription to new ads" is easy and simple:

— In any desired advertisement category, in the filter select the parameters of your query (country, region, product options, price, etc.) and click "Search".
Подписка на новые объявления по заданным вами параметрам
— In the subscription form, enter your e-mail address for notifications about the new ads.
— Press the "Subscribe" button, you will get all the information about new ads on the website which correspond to the parameters of your request.
To manage subscriptions, you can, under "My subscriptions".
— Service is paid but not expensive, the cost of one alert - only 10 rubles.
— To try out the service in fact, we give you 2 free alerts.

How to pay?

— Login to your account – enter your e-mail address and password.
— Go to "My subscriptions"
— In the window of the calculator (buy alerts) specify the number of alerts you wish to purchase.
— Press the "Buy" button, You will see "need to top up your account with ___R" - click on the underlined words.
— Read the information on the page and click "Visit the website of the payment system".
— On the payment page, select payment method (Bank cards, Electronic payment systems, Payment by cash, Mobile payments) click on the logo.
— In the menu on the right side, above the amount you have chosen will appear the logo of the payment method. If there are empty fields, fill (depends on payment method), click "Pay".
— At the end of the operation click "Finish".

How to manage the service?

— Login to your account, go to "My subscriptions".
— In the table you can see your subscription request parameters that have signed up.
— To change subscription settings, click on the red "edit"link.
— For each subscription, you can set the "Limit" alerts.
— To remove or suspend membership, in the column "Status" select the appropriate value.
— After completing all settings, click "Save changes", only after this will take effect the new settings.



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