Additional regions


Dear users!
Want to increase the coverage of the audience, to find more new customers? Placing your own ads, specify any number of regions!
What does it give you? When filtering advertisements by any of these regions, your ad will appear, you will receive more impressions, more customers.
To familiarize you with this service, you can choose 3 extra region free! Each subsequent region will cost 8990 rubles for 3 months.

BONUS: during the period of paid regions, you will be able to raise your ad without restrictions.

How to use?
- As an authorized, go to your ad.
- On the right side in the box "to Draw attention to the ad" click "Add regions" and select your regions of interest.
- Press the "Save" button which is at the end of the list.
- Additional regions (in addition to free) will only take effect after payment
How to pay?
- As an authorized, go to your ad - unpaid additional regions will be highlighted in red, click on them. - You can view detailed information about the need for "Deposit account at ___R." - click on the underlined words.
- Read the information on the page and click "Visit the website of the payment system".
- On the payment page, select payment method and follow the prompts. For payment available as Bank cards, electronic payment systems, payment by cash.
- More regions will start to operate immediately after payment.



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