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Equipment: Selling equipment №12068

Feb. 15, 2021, 1:42 p.m. Views: 1531

City: Naberezhnye Chelny, The Republic Of Tatarstan, Russia

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Type: Equipment for wood wastes processing

Equipment name: Modern technology of charcoal burning (pyrolysis) using two retort (chamber) furnaces for production of charcoal from vegetation of any degree of moisture; drying, roasting, calcining of various materials, including briquettes, pellets; -heat Exch

Price in rubles: 5,050,000

Modern technologies of coal burning (pyrolysis) with the use of two retort (chamber) furnaces PF2RG-Standard for:
- production of charcoal from vegetation of any degree of humidity;
- drying, roasting, calcining of various raw materials; including briquettes, pellets;
- utilization (incineration, incineration) of organic waste
-heat production
For example, the front retort furnace PF2RG-60 "Standard" for the production of charcoal.
Capacity for charcoal (birch): 60 tons / month.
Wood capacity: 330-420 cubic meters.\month.
Dimensions of the furnace body: 6160 x 2660 x 2660
Maintenance: 1 operator maintains 4 furnaces
The quality of coal may be made for the purposes of human consumption, public supply; or industrial purposes
Raw materials for the production of charcoal: any species of vegetation, lumpy waste such as cropping, cutting, ballast, large chips ... Energy
consumption: is carried out by burning pyrolysis gases in the furnace of raw materials (wood). No additional energy sources are needed. With the exception of electricity for lighting and (or) power supply of instrumentation and control systems and damper
drives, as well as fuel for the initial start of furnaces
Safety: furnaces meet all requirements and norms of labor protection, ecology, fire and industrial safety, etc..
Advantages: furnace, today's most economical, with the best working conditions in plijeni, with the highest specific yield, with the lowest cost per unit of production compared to other stoves.

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