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City: Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia. (also in regions of Russia (

Vologda region
Moscow region
Vladimir region

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Type: Equipment for wood wastes processing

Equipment name: equipment for briquettes

Price in rubles: 3,100,000

This production is located in the Leningrad region
The reason for the sales conversion of the business(purchased as extra)
The line includes:
1.Chipper RM-55 (2011 )+control Cabinet, automatic soft start. In perfect condition, is suitable for crushing in the technological and fuel wood chips wood waste of any species: Croaker, rail, tops of tree trunks, lumpy, bleed
Engine power: cut-30 kW, feed 1.5 kW
Capacity:-30 m3/HR.
It makes sense to connect to the set periodically, because very high performance, can be used for the production of fuel probes: non-stop under saulosi.
2.Drying complex AVM-1,5.The storage hopper. The metering bin.
Tumble dryer ( dries any faction, any material-configurable rotation speed. thick stainless steel, not deformed, it is possible to check)
Cyclone installation for unloading dry material with an integrated hood.
The power of the engine hood: 6 kW
Material from under the cyclone gets the screw conveyor.
Depending on the humidity and the fraction of raw materials produces : 1-1. 5 tons/hour humidity 5-6 %
3.Hammer mill: power – 20 kW
Used for crushing the wood into smaller fraction
4.Kiln ck EURO (2013)Launched in 2014
Camera for debinding and drying-2 pieces,
Combustion of pyrolysis gases
16 trolleys 1 m3,automation
Netting for easy and correct positioning of the coal trucks that didn't pressure himself and was well pyrolysis.
The furnaces were burnt into charcoal briquettes manufactured by us - pinkey (coal "Kamado" )
Coal output : 1/3 of the loaded weight of the briquette.
5.Extruders for manufacture of briquettes ", pinaka"-3 pieces.
2 of the extruder are automated in line with the dosed supply of raw materials from under the AVM-1,5.
The third extruder new(factory state),not used, modified and inserted into the line, to run without people.
Performance with increased briquette density for ideal coal: 200-250 kg/HR.
Motor power of extruder: 22kW.
6.Conveyor belt 2 meter:- 2 pieces.
Used to feed chips into the crusher.
Can work at an angle for delivery height(cells on the tape)
7.Shrink wrapping machine TPTS AP 450 p.
For packing-seal product in plastic wrap.
8.The plant for bottling of paraffin(for liquid charcoal lighter)
Euro Cuba in the crate on pallets – 20 PCs., pump, valves for bottling, etc.
9.Strapping machine ТР202.
Stationary, semi-automatic strapping machine semi-automatic for tie packaging
Or briquettes (as in our case) and sealing tape.
10.Compressor,welding equipment, soldering equipment, screw conveyors, spare consumables, exhaust smoke, utility storage equipment, etc.
Useful to operate the above equipment.
Equipment in-line(in working order)
Chipper RM-55, Transporter chip crusher, supply of crushed chips to the drying complex AVM 1,5 , conveyor and feeder/feeder-dried fraction in the extruder, the automated storage dispensing in extruders,for the production of briquettes "pinkey". Packaging equipment.( strapping machine semi-automatic) Charcoal kiln ck EURO ( 2 camera)+camera pyrolysis.
Shop for bottling of liquid paraffin - liquid for ignition.
The cost of this production : on-site owner - 3.500.000 rubles (rent),more in agreement.
The cost of this line to export : 3.100.000 rubles. Bargaining is possible, but not significant.
There are photos on request will do a video of the hardware.
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