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Job: CV №14646

Aug. 27, 2022, 5:33 p.m. Views: 3386

City: St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, Russia

Name: Artem Sergeev

Gender: Male

Age: 29 years

Category: Forestry specialists

Education: higher

Education and specialty detailed: St. Petersburg State Forestry Engineering University named after S.M. Kirov. Faculty of Forestry. Specialty "Forestry" Entered in 2009, graduated in 2014. FAU DPO VIPKLH, twothousandnineteen Forest protection State forest management Innovative development of the forest accounting system Autonomous non-profit educational organization "Computer Science Training Center" Additional professional education program "IT specialist" Specialty - Internet technologies Specialization - "Web-mastering" Entered in September 2005, graduated in May 2009.

Standing (years): 8 years

Experience: Branch of FSBI "Roslesinforg" "Sevzaplesproekt" senior group. August 2019 - present - Coordination of work at the facility (assigned site), communication, preparation of monthly documentation. - Interaction with work customers, tenants of the forest fund, foresters, committee, forestry department of the Leningrad region; - Participation in quality checks of works. Engineer-Adjuster, - Perform field and laboratory forest management activities (tab training sample plots; decryption of aerial photographs, conduct ground survey of forest plantations with the use of special tools; complete of taxation, outlines and drafting taxonomic descriptions; the processing of these materials on specialized software; the preparation on the instructions of the supervisor of the statements and schedules to the project organization and forestry; participation in the preparation of planning and cartographic materials on the basis of forest inventory characteristics sections and recommendations of normative documents the design of measures for the conservation, protection and reproduction of forests; coordination with the forest in the process of fieldwork areas of existing forest crops farmland and designed with the taxation of forest management activities; interaction with the tenants of the forest Fund, etc.); - Remote monitoring of forest use; determination of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of forests; assessment of the quality and effectiveness of measures for the preservation, protection, reproduction of woods, forests, land use methods; - Performance of works on forest management, state forest inventory; - Execution of works on drawing water bodies, road network and other linear objects on the map, correction of their location according to aerial and space survey data, full-scale data; - Writing regulations, forest plans, forest development plans; - Work with aerial and space photography; - Execution of taps, taxation, continuous enumeration of cutting areas; - Work on objects of gas and oil pipelines, linear objects (work with outlines, plans, in-kind removal, material and monetary assessment of forest plots assigned for construction); - Work in the programs WinGis, MapInfo, WinPLP, Easy trace, ESAUL, Outline+, MDOL (material and monetary assessment of logging sites), Google Earth, SASPlanet; - Work with navigation devices and devices for forest taxation. Forest Protection Center of the Leningrad Region A forest pathologist engineer. December 2018 - August 2019 Engineer of the Forest Protection and Forest Pathology Monitoring Department. conducting state forest pathology monitoring; - forest pathology surveys and design of measures for the protection of forests located on the lands of the forest fund, leased, or located on lands of other categories; - work on accounting for the number of pests and the spread of diseases; - design and control over the implementation of measures to protect wood from pests and diseases; - preparation and provision in accordance with the established procedure to the state authorities of the Russian Federation and the state authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation of information on the state of forests and recommended forest protection measures; - participation in the preparation of the annual "Review of the sanitary and forest-pathological state of forests on the lands of the forest fund"; - assessment of the effectiveness and quality of forest protection measures; - consulting services in the field of forest protection (preparation of recommendations); - work with Resistograph devices (used to detect rot in the trunk of trees at a certain height and within the selected drilling radius) and ARBOT (assessing the nature of the destruction of the trunk wood by the cross-sectional area at a particular height). Promekolodzhi LLC is an environmental engineer. January 2015 - November 2018.

Job title: Head of Department/ Head of Works

Expected salary: 865.66 €

Married: no

With children: no

International passport: Yes

Extra info: Skills and abilities: A confident PC user. Knowledge: WinGis, QGIS, WINPLP, Mapinfo, Outline +, Easy Trace, ESAUL, Windows (Advanced PC user), MS Office, Internet, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Dreamweaver. The ability to effectively master the devices and methods of working with them. Strengths: Responsibility, conscientiousness, punctuality, easy learning. Knowledge: forest management, forest taxation, botany, dendrology, entomology.

Contact details:
тел.: +7 931 289 69 71


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