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Equipment: Selling equipment №1584

May 21, 2021, 7:31 p.m. Views: 1904

City: Stavropol, Stavropol territory, Russia. (also in regions of Russia ( Belarus (

Krasnodar region
Irkutsk region

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Type: Drying equipment

Equipment name: Equipment and plants for drying and heat treatment (modification) of the boards and beams of wood of coniferous and deciduous species.

Price in rubles: 2,250,000

Equipment and installations for drying and heat treatment (thermal modification) of boards and beams made of softwood and hardwood. TMD camera- "Energia Thermo Stavropol TM9". No boiler room required. Price 2.25 million rubles (16.02.2021). Detailed information is available on the website of " sushkalesa.RF "
intended for drying and subsequent heat treatment of sawn timber from coniferous, soft and hard deciduous wood species without reloading in an oxygen-free environment the combustion products of gaseous-LPG or natural gas-fuel (otherwise-the production of thermal wood, thermal strips, TMD). The heat treatment temperature is up to 220 ° C.

It is also possible to carry out only drying or only heat treatment of dry lumber. Warping of the lumber is excluded due to the use of spring ties of the stack.

To produce 1 cubic meter of thermal wood, 50 liters of propane and 60 kW*h of electricity are consumed.

The payback period of the purchased equipment, provided that it is fully loaded, is no more than six months of continuous operation.

The order execution period is 60 days. days.

- version-mobile, sea container 40 ft / 12m;

- placement - outdoor;

- complete set-camera, stack trolley, spring ties of the stack - 9 sets for a total force of 5.0 tons, external stationary and folding rails;

- degree of readiness-full factory, boiler room is not required;

- control cabinet - based on a programmable controller with the ability to connect to a PC directly or remotely;

- material of the inner lining-stainless steel on a layer of basalt mineral water 150 mm;

- requirements for the site for placement - 24x3 meters;

- requirements for power grids:

- Power supply: 380V; 5.0 kW;

- gas supply-main option-liquefied gas-ramp for 10-12 propane cylinders 50 l; gas pressure-3 kPa; G3 / 4;

- gas supply-optional-low pressure natural gas - G3 / 4; 40 nm3 / h; gas pressure-1.3 kPa;

- start-up period-when the site and power grids are ready - (1-2) days;

- stack:

- overall dimensions and volume: LxWxH= 6. 5x1. 6x1. 7 m; Vgab= 17.7 m3;

- maximum loading volume - for timber 150 mm-V50= 15, 6m3 (gaskets 20 mm);

- maximum loading volume - for 100 mm timber-V30= 14.8 m3 (20 mm gaskets);

- terms of drying and thermal modification (TMD) for a beam of 150 mm (for a beam of 100 mm-terms are one and a half times less):

- coniferous - drying - (10-12)days, TMD - (2-4) days;

- hard deciduous-drying - (20-25) days, TMD - (2-4) days;

- monthly productivity in a bar of 150 mm (in a bar of 100 mm-1.5 times more):

- drying and subsequent TMD:

- coniferous-40 m3 / month;

- solid deciduous-20 m3 / month;

- drying only:

- coniferous-50 m3 / month;

- solid deciduous-25 m3 / month;

- only TMD of dry sawn timber:

- coniferous-110 m3 / month;

- hard deciduous-190 m3 / month;

- warranty - 12 months.

Post-warranty service-under an additional contract. Maintainability due to the use of domestic equipment is high.

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