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City: Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk region, Russia. (also in regions of Russia (

Altai Krai

Organization name: Flexifit

Type: Drying equipment

Equipment name: Tubeless cassette racks for drying lumber

Price in rubles: 3,300

Own dryer - each joiner!

For fast and high-quality drying of wood we offer tubeless cassette dryer Flexifit.
Main advantages:

•Ability to dry any amount of timber from one Board to the stacks.
•Design features allow to organize drying under the open sky and indoors.
•Drying technology is simple and minimizes the human factor influence on the drying process.
•The choice of mode of drying on the basis and s the quality of the source material.
•Installation is simple and does not take much time.
•Quality of the dried wood complies with all necessary requirements.
•Energy-efficient. Electricity consumption for drying 1 m3 of wood to 6-7% moisture content is 200 – 400 KWh
•Attractive price.

Contact details:
+7 (499) 709-79-04,

+7 (383) 325-22-04, +7 (383) 266 41 04,

+7 (38568) 2-02-75, +7 (38568) 2-45-04

Those. consultation
Samoilov Vitaly Alekseevich.
+7 (923) 752-19-16

Site: http://сушилкалеса.рф/


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