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City: Totma, Vologda region, Russia

Name: Kichigin Vladimir Nikolaevich

Gender: Male

Age: 44 years

Category: Leaders

Education: incomplete higher

Education and specialty detailed: Education: Not full higher technical. Professional training in Vologda state technical University on the program "Management of organization".

Standing (years): 20 years

Experience: Work experience: 2003-2011 – "monzensky DOC" OP "Hughes", enterprise procurement, transportation and shipment of wood, the post - directoro.P, subordinate to 185 people. Duties: - care of forest Fund, efficient use of forest resources, the allotment of the plots , the organization of the logging manual and mechanized ( complexes), the construction of roads and bridges. Control over the transportation, warehousing and shipment of timber in whips and assortments. Accounting of timber and economic unit. Selecting and working with staff. The shipment of forest railway in the whips and assortments. Achievements : In the forest industry since 1994 started working in a sawmill enterprise, from rasika to the foreman.Also worked as a foreman for harvesting,hauling and shipment of timber to the Deputy head.In 2003, raised the timber industry from scratch.Processing, hauling and shipping was $ 37 thousand cubic meters of wood. In 2008, processing, hauling and shipping was $ 152 thousand cubic meters of wood. 2009-2015 Director of<SW FOREST> harvesting,hauling,sawmilling and sales of raw materials. Skills and abilities: - able to work independently and responsible decision-making. - ability to work in a situation with non-standard approaches. -strategicheskoe planning plans the construction of main and access roads,winter roads . - collect data on areas of forest in areas with field survey . -the ability to do bends and train subordinates. - experience in building logging roads and bridges. - knowledge of technical specifications procurement of equipment(complexes of Gonder,Ponsa,Valmet, TLT-100, TDT-55), as well as equipment for the removal of raw materials. Working with forest districts and design organizations. The ability to minimize the expenses of enterprise due to sovremennyh assistance,forecasting and economically reasonable calculation. Ability to work on the outcome regardless of work schedules,guided by the goals and tasks assigned-computer skills: Word, Excel,Abris+ Personal qualities: decency, responsibility, skill to communicate,absence of bad habits, energy and initiative,ability to work in a team. Education: incomplete higher Professional training in Vologda state technical University on the program "Management of organization". Driver's license: Personal vehicles Ready for relocation and business trips.

Job title: Head

Expected salary: 80,000 ₽

Married: да

With children: да

International passport: нет

Contact details:
+79646695555 +79115452525


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