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City: St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, Russia

Name: Vikulin Anton V.

Gender: Male

Age: 42 years

Category: Related professions

Education: higher

Education and specialty detailed: S-Petersburg State forest technical Academy (FTA), chemical-technological faculty, Department of wood-based panels and plastics Specialty: Technology of chemical wood processing Year of graduation: 1998 The graduate school of the FTA, Department of processes and apparatuses of chemical technology (PACT). Year of graduation: 2001

Standing (years): 12 years

Experience: Assistant Professor of BAHT FTA - 1 year; Engineer PTO (direction - sewage treatment) - 3 years; Leading engineer-technologist in the direction of the design and installation of metering units of sewage water for non-pressure pipelines - 1 year; Operator plastic weld - 2 years; Engineer in the direction of the technology of water-dispersion paints) - 5 years

Job title: process engineer, chemist, lab assistant

Expected salary: 50,000 ₽

Married: нет

With children: нет

International passport: нет

Extra info: Refresher courses in the Academy of methods and management techniques ("LIMCO"), St. Petersburg state University of information technologies, mechanics and optics program "Engineer-designer (with knowledge of Autodesk products)" in the amount of 144 academic hours. Year - 2009.

Contact details:
T: +7(950) 014-24-65


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