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City: Petrozavodsk, The Republic Of Karelia, Russia

Name: Vasiliev Dmitry Mikhailovich

Gender: Male

Age: 45 years

Category: Specialists in the processing of forest resources

Education: higher

Education and specialty detailed: Ural State Forestry Academy.1996 Higher later the lumber-mechanical. Mechanical engineer. Machines and equipment of forest complex Day/full-time

Standing (years): 23 years

Experience: March 2019-present group of companies "the Northern hideout" Head of production area. Construction and commissioning of manufacturing sites for the production of moldings, sawing of small timber, furniture Board. September 2017-2019 Investevrostroy, OOO. Moscow. Civil works. Project Manager, foreman. Organization and control of construction works performed by crews. Supply sites with materials. The projects regulatory bodies: the technical supervision and so on. January 2016 —September 2017 SP Ivanov N. In. Managing the Organization,monitoring of forestry work crews. Management teams when performing General construction and electrical work. Conducting negotiations, conclusion of contracts with customers. Logistics. Acceptance of work, delivery to customers. may 2015-December 2015 OOO "Senyavskiy machtopropitochny plant", Director of production of Construction and commissioning of the main production site of the plant. Work with suppliers of equipment, tooling, new machines, materials for production. The organization of the production process. Management of the team. Ensuring implementation of production plan. October 2013 — February 2014 OOO "Standart Karelia", Chief of production, "Management of industrial and economic activities of the workshop for production of PVC Windows". January 2009 — October 2013 OOO "DOC", Director of Management of industrial-economic activity of enterprise, major and minor subdivisions, the organization of the contents of buildings and structures, the operation of the gas boiler, crane station, transport station, 5 years and 2 months November 2008 — October 2013 JSC "Timber plant", Deputy General Director of "woodworking, window, door manufacturing, consumer goods, lumber, services of responsible storage of goods, services, drying and processing of lumber. Management of industrial and economic activity of the enterprise. Work with suppliers of lumber, supplies for production needs. Organization of work of Department financially-technical supply. Work on sales: finding new customers, work with contractors. The organization of the production process. Involved in the introduction of new equipment, new products, expanding the range of products, organization and finishing shop of joiner's products, a line segment jointing wood drying Department. Organization of work for the crane industry."

Job title: Head of production (shop),foreman, engineer, Manager.

Expected salary: 80,000 ₽

Married: да

With children: нет

International passport: нет

Extra info: Experience of creation and development of enterprises from "zero". Work with suppliers and customers. Determine the optimal number and selection of personnel. Control and optimization of the production process: acceptance of raw materials, drying, processing. The introduction of new technology. Definition of pricing policy. Organization of work of service of MTS. Control of goods and materials. Interaction with regulatory authorities.

Contact details:
8 -905-299-62-66


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