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Equipment: Corner double disc sawmill Next Discovery №25734

May 13, 2024, 5:54 p.m.Views: 2426 (stats)

City: Moscow, Russia.

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Type: Sawmill equipment sawmill

Equipment name: Corner double disc sawmill Next Discovery

Price: 14,925.44 $

Good day!
Your attention is invited to the corner of the double disc sawmill NEXT Discovery from the manufacturer.
The size of the resulting boards and beams:
500 saw - max cutting depth 175 mm(beam 175х175 mm.)
560 saw - max cutting depth 200 mm. (timber 200x200 mm.)
610 saw - max cutting depth 225 mm. (timber 225х225 mm.)
Buying a sawmill NEXT Discovery you get:
The highest quality timber. The error of 0.5 mm by 6.5 metres. Tested!
The surface of the timber with correctly exposed frame turns almost shaved, what can not boast of any band sawmill.
Usually where it begins to run disk uglobal at the tape power-saw sharply falling sales of lumber.
High performance saws. Sawing in both directions!
Greater yield's business raw material to 75% and performance of 6-12m3.
Sawing without tilting of the logs. Clamped 1 time log and cut into the required billet.
The presence of software control. Allows you to quickly tune in the desired size sawing, high precision sawing.
Savings on workers.
Basic Discovery NEXT:
- automatic feed of the carriage with an adjustable speed of cutting
- 4 samcentric clip logs
- 2 circular saws with a diameter of 560 mm with cutting knives
controller device (task dimension) with external remote control
- 2 motor 15 kW
- support for frame
- the maximum length of a processed log 6.5 m
- maximum diameter of the processed logs 800 mm.

- increase the length of the processed logs to 10.5 m.
- Increase the maximum diameter of the processed logs with 800mm. up to 1100 mm.
- increase engine power up to 18.5 kW and 22 kW.
- lasers for positioning of the workpiece (2pcs.)
- heated electronics
Electromechanical clamps of the stem(4 PCs.)
- an aspiration system without electrolytic/with electrolytical
- drag conveyor for chip removal
the function of horizontal cutting
- automatic loader logs
storage for logs
- system of cutting optimization (laptop or touch monoblock)
- remote control rack saw bench (start-stop)
*only when ordering cutting optimization logs

Can arrange delivery to Your production in any region of Russia and Belarus.

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